Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Home Learning 12/2/14

We started our learning time by changing the calendar.  Time is flying and 2014 is almost over!
The Little Guy took all the numbers out while counting out loud .  Big Sister was counting the days to Christmas.

In his journal, the Little Guy wrote about making the gingerbread houses with his friends.  He used a ruler to make his triangular house (see his actual gingerbread house in yesterday's post).  Big Sister wrote about being in the holiday electric parade.  She spent a lot of time drawing the truck/float.  

Little Guy worked with the letter "R" with red stickers for rojo

I told him the letter story and introduced the miniature objects. He has regadera, radio (en su mano), rinoceronte, reloj, rastrillo, ratón, raya, red (watering can, radio -in his hand,- rhinoceros, clock, mouse, ray, and net).  We need to review the strong r and soft r sounds.  

He selected a few r objects to cut out, color, and label.

Big Sister used his left over images to practice her cursive. 

For number recognition, I found these wooden numbers at target on Thanksgiving day.  They were $1.99! I mixed all the numbers and asked him to organize them.

Then, he decided to match them to the printed numerals from the tens board...

...while her sister was counting her way up to 100.

She eventually got her printed numerals back and was able to slide them to make the bigger numbers. She was making labels for the bead chain to a 100.  When she made it to 100, I showed her the hundred square to compare it to the chain.

The Little Guy wanted to count to 100 too.  He took the hundred square and went up to 30+.  

Here is Big Sister adding her tens labels to the wall next to the bead chain to a 100.

After lunch we moved to the sensorial and practical life areas. My friend Kari let us borrow her thermic tablets, and her foam geometric solids.  I didn´t buy these materials thinking that my kids would not be interested.  I was wrong.  They loved it. 

Here we were using the sense of touch to identify matching pairs of tablets.  The materials are glass, steel, wood, felt, cork, and marble (or granite), 

Little Guy putting all the tablets away.

Matching the foam and wood geometric solids together.

In this picture they are working on two different practical life skills:

transferring with a spoon,

and transferring with ice tongs.

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