Friday, December 19, 2014

Home Learning 12/19/14

This has been a very productive week.  We have been super busy with, and excited about learning. With the holidays approaching, I am grateful for everyday we can focus on the kids´ needs and interests. 

In her journal, Big Sister wrote about the book she read on her own. She is now a bit more excited about reading. 
Our Little Guy wrote about things he likes to eat.  Apparently he likes turkey hotdogs, yogurt, and pasta.

The kids asked me to play the word game.  In the picture above they are lining up all the 86 image cards I've made so far. Inside the small container, in between the rugs, they had the matching label cards.  Each kid had his/her own rug to make their pairs.

First Big Sister wanted to count all the image cards. Little Guy wanted them all perfectly lined up.  He is very neat with his things. 

Here they are placing another match on their rug

And guess what? instead of walking to find an image card, or to get another label card, they decided to do rolls!

Big Sister ready to place another match.
(Ligia María: I took the pictures just for you, they do it all the time!)

After all the rolling around, they had to get a drink of water.
I was impressed to see them reading so fast and having so much fun.

We moved to introduce letter Y.  It is his 20th out of 32 sounds in Spanish. I am speeding up a bit because Little Guy is ahead of me.  He learned letter C, and V on his own.  Since he enjoys the stories, and the miniature objects, I will cover those letters he knows.
Note: I could not find stickers of anything that starts with y.  Instead, I made stickers of his favorite yogurt.

Big Sister requested the youtube video for letrilandia letter y.  

Little Guy was making the first syllable for each miniature object.  He had yo for yoyo.

After all the rolling and running, they enjoyed the coloring time.  I gave them a sheet with 11 words that start with y.  You can find it here
They were to pick, color and cut as many words as they want. 

Here are the words Little Guy chose: yema, yegua, yoyo, yogurt, and yate (yolk, horse mare, yo-yo, yogurt, and yacht)  

Here is his notebook after he finished writing all his words. 

Big Sister was either in the writing mood, or just loved the images from the sheet.  She chose... 

...yegua, yoga, yeso, yogurt, yacht, yo-yo, yuca, yema, and yunque!

Later, the Little Guy continued to use the constructive triangles from the rectangular box. He accidentally opened the blue triangles instead of the colored ones.  He decided to use them too. 

We sorted the shapes we could do with each pair of blue triangles.

Here is our attempt to make a dolphin using the blue triangles.  Big Sister said that it was a river dolphin because it had a small dorsal fin. 

Big Sister reviewed the decimal system.  

I pulled out a few fake bills (I don't know about you, but I don't have hundred bills laying around!).  We talked about the 1 dollar bill as a unit. We also used the 10, and 100 positional value.  In Spanish the ten and hundred place value have different names from the actual number.  We have "decenas" for diez, and centena for cien.  I guess it is much easier in English since it is the same word.  When we got to a 1000 we couldn't get a bill. We used ten 100 bills instead.

The "bills" and this chart are some of the materials I used in my teaching years. The chart goes all the way to 1,000,000,000 (one billion)!  We just have to keep on rolling it out to the left.  

Have a great weekend!

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