Thursday, December 18, 2014

Home Learning 12/18/14

The kids started their visit to the learning room with reading.  Above, Big Sister was reading a picture book to her brother.

Both of them decided to journal about making the life size dolphin.  They loved it. To draw the dolphin in their journals, Little Guy traced a miniature dolphin replica.  Big Sister used the felt dolphin. 

Here are the journals. Little Guy wrote, "I drew a super big dolphin."  When I asked him for more details, he added, "it is blue and pink."  He drew a dolphin and himself with a paintbrush.
Big Sister wrote, "yesterday I finished a dolphin for my class (she is talking about the learning room). My dad carried me to put the dorsal fin and the flukes."  She illustrated it by drawing a picture of her dad carrying her to add the tail flukes. 

Little Guy worked on words with b.  He read, matched, and labeled the images all by himself.

Big Sister had the same words.  Since her brother had the image cards, she used the miniature objects and the cursive movable alphabet.

She had bota, bebé, baúl, bola, beso, buey, buho, and bate (boot, baby, trunk, ball, kiss, ox, owl, and bat).  She had a hard time with letter b.  We took the time to see the difference between the cursive f and b.

For math, I finally did the introduction to decimal quantities presentation.  It went better than expected. I used this video to guide me, and read the presentation from my album.

We started with the unit (not pictured) and added the label "unidad," We moved to the tens and added "decena."  Here she was counting the units in a ten bar.

When I showed her the hundred square, we added  the "centena label."  She insisted on counting how many units it had.

Then she counted how many tens it had.

Finally, we moved to the thousand cube. After the label, "millar," she counted how many hundred squares it had.

We added the number symbols and the words uno (1), diez (10), cien (100), and mil (1000) .

Then she made a chart in her notebook including it all. 

Here is a picture of her work.

In the mean time, Little Guy was putting triangles together to form squares, rectangles, trapezoids, and parallelograms. 

With my help, he recorded them all in his math notebook.

With the dolphin fever still running high over here, Big Sister read a dolphin book on her own, AND it was an English one!!!! This a great improvement in attitude and determination. 

While she read, Little Guy labeled his dolphin type cards.

Here is his folder.  It didn't turn out like a lapbook.  He is happy with it, and I am happy with it too! Click on the image to get a better view.

When you close his folder it looks like the picture above.  My husband did it with him last weekend.

Big Sister is showing her dolphin folder.  She has almost the same content as her bother.  She added more written descriptions. 

Here she is turning the pages of her dolphin type cards.

Just so you know, we will not be taking a winter break from home learning.  And we will probably even pack their journals to take on our vacation! We will definitely be getting children's books in Spanish to read to them while away. 


  1. Sí que van aprendiendo! Me encantan las carpetas de delfín que hicieron. Y qué emocionante empezar con las perlas doradas!

  2. Ginger,
    Gracias por tu comentario. Aqui le vamos dando a la matemática de poco a poco. ¡Me voy a tu blog por las tarjetas navideñas!


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