Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Home Learning 12/17/14

Our day started with two excited kids who wanted to finish painting their life size dolphin. This time I made sure we had enough paint!  We finished it together, and they put the pieces to dry.  

Up in the learning room we were writing our plan for the day. Little Guy wanted to work on his dolphin folder. I started writing folder de (folder of), when he told me he wanted to write the word delfines (dolphins) all by himself.

First he chose to do some math.  This is not a Montessori material.  These are unifix cubes that I used as a teacher in public schools.  He built the amounts, placed them in the number stair (next time I might ask him to match the colors to the Montessori stairs), wrote the numbers for the stair in his notebook, found colors corresponding to each number tower, and colored it all in his notebook.  See how he put each color on top?

Big Sister practiced simple one digit addition. It was super cute to see her move her dolphins to count in the total column while she was making clicking sounds.

Big Sister was researching the names of the types of dolphins in Spanish. Little Guy wanted to keep on drawing more dolphin types.

Among the pictures she saw online, she found an identical one to the cover of one of her books.

Here they are tracing and coloring with the light box.

We headed over to family open swim (my husband took the day off to join us).  The kids love swimming! Our Little Guy floated on his back all by himself today!  In the pictures above, Big Sister is showing how she has learned to sink and seek objects.  Little Guy and I were having a race.  He won. 

Here both kids were swimming under the platforms. 

When we got back home the dolphin was dried up, and ready to be cut. We took the pieces upstairs to their learning room.  They helped their dad place the fins.

Here is Big Sister on top of her dad to add the dorsal fin. 

Here is our dolphin on the wall!  

Wednesdays are busy days! We still had horse back riding lessons in the afternoon.  It was their last lesson until next year. 

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