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Home Learning 12/16/14

New place for the color pencils (Thanks Tom)

Our Little Guy is starting to read independently in Spanish.  Now he can read syllable by syllable, and then make the complete word! We use a words list as opposed to picture books.  I want to be sure that he is in fact reading and not guessing by looking at the images.

Little Guy likes to run, and apparently he is faster than I am! 
Big Sister wrote about having a super fun filled day with her friends where she went swimming and had them over for a playdate. 

Little guy is getting materials ready to learn the letter b. He is looking for his B box, the object tray, and the sandpaper letter cards.

After reading the story of letter b, the Little Guy needed to continue adding stickers to his upper and lower case bs.  I played the letrilandia letter B song on my kindle for them to watch and listen to.  The songs are about 1.5 minutes and can all be found on youtube by typing letrilandia and the letter ( I used: letrilandia b)

After all the stickers where in place, he traced them with his finger just like the sandpaper letter cards. For stickers, we had bus, barco, and bolas (bus, ship, and balls).

Here he is switching the vowels to create syllables. 

Both kids were exploring the miniature objects together.  We had bebé, bolsa, bañera, b, ballena, baúl, barco, banana and the brújula in his hand (baby, bag, bathtub, b, whale, trunk, ship, banana, and compass).

Big Sister is showing me the whales and the bag. These were her favorite items in the box.

Little guy moved on to working with words.  He got the sheet for words with b.  It has 11 images.  He chose 7. He colored, cut and glued them.  Then he used the movable alphabet and miniature objects to spell and write them.  I am giving him all the letters he needs (see bottom of the picture), and he is building and copying them on his own.

Here he is finishing his words before moving on to writing them in his notebook.

Big Sister is also doing the same words but using the cursive movable alphabet.

Here are two pictures showing you their work.

We took a break for lunch and swimming.  There is nothing like a little water fun to remember to continue to read their dolphin books.  In one of the books, we read about how big dolphins get.  2.30m is an average size for a small type of dolphin.  But how big is that really?

Big Sister measured the paper using the one meter ruler.

Little Guy cut the paper.

The paper was not the right size.  We had to draw, cut, and later glue the fins.

Here the kids are cutting and drawing the dolphin.

Painting the dolphin turned out to be the best part of the project until... we ran out of paint!

We had to put the dolphin parts away to dry and to be out of the traffic.

We kept on reading the book and planned to buy the paint that night after dinner.  But then, we read that dolphins have 18 -36 pairs of  "peg-like" teeth in each of their jaws!  We got the pegs out and did the minimum to be able to have enough pegs. That is how many teeth they have!!!

And here is a funny picture of the Little Guy.  He was just laying there looking at all those teeth!

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