Friday, December 12, 2014

Home Learning 12/12/14

I stayed up way too late last night (bad habit of mine), and this morning I was a wreck.  I know it was for my children's best interest to get them, and myself out of the house in the morning.  We headed over to the trampoline park where they had toddlers time from 9-11 am for kids 6 and younger.
We learned about...
making patterns with foam blocks, running and jumping, hard and stretchy materials, dodge ball, building towers,  and having good old fun!
I will consider this outing a very educational experience =P

After eating lunch out, and running an errand, we came home to start our learning time. 
The kids were extra eager to start.  They knew exactly what they wanted to do.  On their list, they wanted to do their calendar on their own, and read first.  I helped Little Guy combine syllables into words.

Here they are getting their journals ready to write.

Little Guy dictates to me.  I write and he copies.  The red letters on the board are the ones he doesn't know yet.  I give him instructions on how to make them on his own.  He doesn't want my help, (I used to help him trace the letters).  By the time I took the picture, he was already working on his illustration. 

I assumed Big Sister was going to write about the trampoline park.  Instead, she wrote about the dolphin model =)

Little Guy wrote about the trampoline park. He used the inset to make the trampoline.
Big Sister made a very detailed illustration of the dolphin anatomy model.

Here is Little Guy cutting his images for the work on words activity. 

Here he is reading the word to pair it to the image.

He matches the images to the ones on his notebook. He puts the image away, and keeps the label card to copy the word.

Big Sister got the same images.  I wrote the words in cursive for her to copy them.  By the way, the word jefe means boss. It is a picture of my husband's boss. 

Little Guy is interested in cursive writing now.  I wish he had picked an easier letter to start. letter f is pretty hard!  I gave him the cursive sandpaper letters for delfín (dolphin). He sounded out and built the word.

I also gave him the cursive movable alphabet letters.  First, he matched them to the sandpaper letters.  Then, he built the word on his own.

Finally, he wrote (with assistance) on this white board.  His sister was also writing delfín next to him. 

I want to add that for every letter, he traced the sandpaper card before attempting to write.  He enjoyed the experience, and I am sure he will be asking for more.

Once the kids started talking about dolphins, we started to create our very first lapbook.  I am not an expert on them, and for those who are interested please google them.  They seem very interesting.  I decided to use a lapbook because the kids really love dolphins as a learning topic.  I am hoping to give them the opportunity to express themselves through coloring, and writing. Above, big sister wanted to name the dolphin's parts.

Here they are coloring the types of dolphins.

Big Sister is using the light box to trace the dolphins. We are using the Dover dolphin stickers, and the dolphin replicas to copy the colors.

Here is what the lapbooks are looking like at the end of our day.  Both kids colored in a big dolphin and labeled only the fins. They also worked on a little book for the types of dolphins. We will continue to work on this project.  

Have a great weekend!

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