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Home Learning 12/9/14

Our weekend flew by.  I have to share something amazing from Saturday. My youngest student, who started almost a year ago, started talking in class.  He is a few days shy of two years.  His first words in Spanish were Silvana (my name!), agua, gracias, and más.  He, and his family (I have the pleasure to also teach his older sister), are one of the reasons I love my job!

The kids were swimming on Sunday
Both kids are doing pretty well.  They love open swim with my husband the most. 

On Monday they had Mandarin and family open swim.  We also had a special play date with our Colombian friends.  The kids got to watch a movie, and write letters to Santa together. 
We had to leave on a bit of a sour note since the Little Guy got into some bad behavior.  I will be working on helping him better express his feelings and frustration. 

Here they were watching a very Mammoth Christmas. 

Our Monday started with some calendar work.  Big Sister informed us of the 16 days left for Christmas. All I can think of is the 25 days to our vacation! 

The Little Guy learned letter j today.  He used Jupiter stickers to make his tactile letter.  For the objects (click on the picture to get a better view) he had jirafa, Japón, J, jugo de naranja, jaula, jarra, jinete y juego (giraffe, Japan, J, orange juice, cage, jar, rider, and game). 

I have been printing these sheets of coloring objects that start with a specific letter.  Simply google palabras con _ and look for the images.  I printed two sheets since Big Sister wants to color them too.  The kids pick the objects they want to color, cut, paste, and label in their working with words notebook.

Here are the kids working with the words that start with j.

Little Guy used the small (I should call it tiny) movable alphabet in print.  I love it because it is in Spanish (from Montessori outlet).

I helped him find the letters to build the words, but he copied the words on his own.  

Here is Big Sister doing her work using the small cursive movable alphabet.

Here is her work.

After a lunch break, We started learning to get ready for our trip.  Big Sister asked to learn more about dolphins.  She is very excited about seeing them up close.  

I found a book online, in Spanish, about dolphins with gorgeous drawings and a ton of information. I printed it (did not laminate it), and bound it into a book.  We started reading the book with a basket of dolphins right next to us.  The kids kept on trying to match each dolphin shown in the illustrations. 

We learned the names of the dolphin parts and their function, and a little bit about the different types of dolphins.

I also found this poster of the parts of the dolphin here: http://elrincondeinfantiljuancarlos1.blogspot.com/2014/05/aprendemos-las-partes-del-cuerpo-del.html  
Note: I had to make it a bit bigger and to adjust the margins.  The poster doesn´t come with the little picture cards.  I found those using Google and typing the dolphin part in the image search page. I laminated the poster and real life pictures, and added velcro.  The kids loved putting the pieces together.  I am still looking for a dolphin's part puzzle, but for now this will do.

Here is the poster put together.  The parts are dorsal, pectoral and caudal fins, blowhole, and mouth.  We also used the little dolphin miniature from one of the safari toobs to identify each part. 

Here are the kids showing their "pectoral fins."

Of course they had to color a dolphin for their Mexican book!

Little Guy only wrote, "the dolphin." Big sister wrote, the dolphin has 4 fins and also a blowhole.  She wants to continue to add information about the dolphin in her little book.

Finally, we did some requested math.  Little Guy worked with clothespins and number cards.

Big Sister counted unifix blocks

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