Thursday, December 11, 2014

Home Learning 12/10/4

The kids favorite activity these days is counting the days until Christmas. 

Little guy, who was excited to go to the pool later in the day, wrote "yo quiero nadar muy rápido. Quiero hacer competencias (I want to swim very fast. I want to compete)." Big Sister, who is fascinated with our learning about dolphins, wrote about what she is learning. 

Here is a picture of Little Guy practicing reading by himself using his Nacho book.

Here is a picture of Big Sister practicing reading by herself using her Nacho book.

I finally created the image and label cards for reading words with r, rr, and j.  Since there were 44 cards (22 pairs), the kids got a chance to play their reading game again.  You get to see the set up above. There are two rugs, one of the rugs has a long but not wide piece of fabric, a little basket, and the image and label cards. I placed the image cards on the rug to your left.  I placed the label cards in the basket.

First they selected the card from the basket.

After reading the card, they go to find the image.

Then they pair the image and label on the other rug. 

When they finished with all the word pairs, I gave them a copy I made of the labels and images. Hint: I made the copy after laminating the small cards and used the 90% print setting.  Do this before cutting the little cards!

The kids cut, and glued the images to their notebook.  Together we looked around for objects representing the images. Big sister looked for loro, rata, ropa, toro, rana, pera, and  perro (parrot, rat, clothes, bull, frog, pear, and dog). Hint: keep the safari animal toobs handy, and look into the alphabet miniature objects.

The Little Guy really loved this activity the day before, and was excited to do it again. He had a jar, a dog, and the color brown. 

Here are both kids working with their words.  Notice how the Little Guy is using print, and his Big Sister is using cursive. I am waiting for the Little Guy to show interest in cursive writing.  

Here is Little Guy´s second round. He had garlic (I found the spice), bull, hay, and the parrot he borrowed from his sister.

Later, we read more about the dolphins. Big Sister used the 3 part cards of the dolphin's body parts that I made for her. The parts are aleta caudal o cola, aleta dorsal, ojo, boca, melón, espiráculo, and aletas pectorales (tail flukes, dorsal fin, eyes, beak, melon, blowhole, and flippers).  

Here is the Little Guy counting the dolphins.

Late at night we headed over to NIU to catch the holiday concert the Kishwaukee band was offering.  Sadly, I cannot play any instruments.  These concerts are my only way to expose my kids to live music.  So far, Big Sister has been interested in percussion instruments.

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