Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Catch up...

On Thursday, Friday and Saturday morning we spent a lot of time making ornaments to decorate our Christmas tree. Our dining table (we rarely use it) became headquarters for creating with Perler beads.  Thankfully, we found a lot of designs by searching for Perler Christmas patterns. 

Here are the kids at work creating their ornaments. 

Above, Big sister is hanging the Perler bead ornaments.

Here are two close ups to our ornaments. Our tree has at least four horses, three dolphins and two octopi! We also used all the creations the kids have made in the past. 

On Saturday night, we were part of the Homecoming Holiday Electric Parade in our town.  The kids and I were on the float from their equestrian club.  Since they are little, they are not able to go on horse like the other participants, but we still enjoyed dressing up, and waving from the truck. 

On Monday we had our friends over for decorating gingerbread houses.  
Here are the little two eating and decorating.

Big sister is spreading the icing on her mini house.

Here are the results. The Little Guy made the triangle shaped house, and Big Sister made the other one.  

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