Friday, December 5, 2014

At Home 12/05/14

Today the kids had their dentist appointments at 9:00 am. Afterwards, we decided to take advantage of our location and head over to shop for their dad's holiday gift.
By the time we got home, and had lunch, we were in need of some running around.  Luckily the weather, which is surprisingly nice for this time of the year, agreed with our plans.  The kids spent almost four hours simply playing and exploring the yard.  I spent about 3 hours raking and burning leaves!
Little Guy is my little helper.  He loves to collect the leaves for me.

Here is Big sister walking towards our oak tree which is completely leafless. 

The above picture is of Big Sister showing her brother her injured toe.  He gave her a hug to feel better. 

The kids were playing by the little house after I cleaned up all the leaves.

Big Sister was making "food" for her brother. 

They found a caterpillar (see orange and black ball by the top left of the container).  They decided to make a home for it to keep it warm. I am not sure of the type or what they eat.  We left it outside were they found it.

With all the smoke from burning leaves, and the dirt accumulation from running around playing,  it was time to give them an early shower.  They got dressed in their pajamas and asked me to play the Yoga DVD we got on Wednesday at the library.

It was their first time doing Yoga. I am not 100% satisfied with the video (YogaFit Kids), but they were excitedly following along. I was doing it with them on the red mat by the window. 

Here they are relaxing at the end.
I will be looking into alternative Yoga videos.  It is something I have been wanting to learn and do with them for a while. 

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