Sunday, November 16, 2014

Learning 11/14/14

Wait... no!  I didn't send them to school! I am right behind them taking their picture.  We were on our way to the library!
My two kids were interested in getting backpacks a long time ago.  They are oddly fascinated by them.   I kept on saying no simply because we had no need for them. One day in September (schools had started already), we found the two above on a clearance rack for $2 each at Meijers. How could I say no to such a deal?  So we bought the backpacks, but still had no reason to use them.  Until today!  After reading a post by Tearri at Montessori Makers, I was encouraged to take our learning time to the library.  It happens to be only 5 minutes away from their swim school, and with a backpack ready with the activities and materials they want to use, it turned out to be a fun, and very focused learning experience.  It was fun to simply let them pack what they wanted to bring. 

Big sister brought her Maya ABC chart, and home-made book.  She asked me to read the library's Mayan books to her while she was coloring her own.  While I read, she chose words to add to her ABC chart.  It was very neat to see her pick things up, and select key vocabulary.  She also used the book that is standing up to color the image for her own book. 

I love the fact that she decided to illustrate some of her new vocabulary. She thought she might have a hard time remembering what the word meant.  Maybe she learned that from me. I do it all the time.  She added a hut for na (house in Mayan), a girl with a bleeding tongue for sacrifices, and a little picture of a boy next to ah (male), and a girl next to ix (female).  She loves the Mayan words.

In the meantime our Little Guy, who only packed his notebooks and color pencils,  was working on his number recognition.  I am 100% sure that he got 5 and 7 after today!  We only have 6 and 9 to go, and those I know are just hard to tell apart. Today, I packed the ants on a log for him:  
First he arranged them in an ascending pattern. Then he had me draw the logs and ants on his notebook.  He finally colored the logs according to the colors the ants had on each of the log pieces. 

I had found this stencil and he was very happy to use it to write all the numbers.  

Big sister also used the ants on the log.  She was doing some basic addition problems.  The logs help as a control of error. 

Here is her work.  I helped her by making the "logs." She drew all the ants!

We took a reading break.  They loved reading in the tall chairs.

The Little Guy read his six words with the letter n. 

I had the images already glued to his notebook.  He found the word card and copied it to label the image. 

Journal work.  I just love how my kids enjoy writing so much! I am so proud!
The Little Guy wrote: A mi me gusta comer arepitas (I love to eat corn cakes).  He told me that he didn't need my help writing the letter r.  I need to speed up the letter introductions!
Big Sister wrote about her day.  In her picture, she is sitting at the library table reading a book.

At 3 years and 7 months old, Little guy drew this picture of him holding a corn cake without any help! I want to cut it up and frame it.  It is just too cute!

And then, we looked for books and videos to take home.  By the way, it is just a puppet on top of the shelf on the right!

Have a great rest of your weekend!


  1. I really love their work choices. Looks like schooling at the library was a success!! Thank you for sharing.


Thank you for sharing!