Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Homemade Cosmic Nesting Boxes

A while ago I wanted to get us the Waseka Nesting Boxes ( They cost $85 plus shipping and handling. The company takes a whopping 3 to 4 weeks to ship their products.  The price is hard to swallow, but even if cheaper the wait would have kill me! I am too spoiled with Amazon Prime. 
I looked for alternatives, in a cheaper, faster, and perhaps more personalized way.  I came upon these two blog posts: 
1. Cosmic boxes from The helpful Garden (
2.  The biosphere nesting boxes from What did we do all Day (

I just though there had to be an easier and more financially responsible way to make something beautiful, and useful. I just couldn't buy the M&D ABC boxes to spray paint them!

Thanks to my amazing and creative friend Kari  (you are my private shopping consultant when it comes to crafts! I adore going to JoAnn's with you! Thank you!)
I was able to get 12 nesting boxes for 60% off !  just $6.99! 

The boxes are smaller than the ones used in the blogs above, but they were perfect for my project. 
The biggest box is about 5LX5WX3H inches

My friend also recommended me to get this Silhouette printable clear sticker paper package ($4.19 add on product using prime shipping)

I googled images of the Milky Way, Solar System, Earth, and North America from NASA.  I also found images of the USA, Illinois and our town. Then, I got a picture of our house (where our learning room is at), and a picture of our two kids (You are suppose to only use one child but I couldn't pick just one! I have two!).  Finally I added the picture of an atom.  

All of the pictures fit in one of the 8 sticker sheets of paper in the Silhouette package.  I cut the images, and just like a sticker, I placed them on the boxes.

At 21 inches tall, here is what our cosmic nesting boxes look like.  (Kari, you were right. The white boxes look awesome!)  I left the other three sides empty.  
You  actually can't see our town, or the atom because of the flash light, but they are quite visible in person.
Here is the picture of the atom box. Sorry, no closeup pictures of our town.

All the nesting boxes with a lid. By the way, each box has a lid.... I see us building a Mayan pyramid with lids tomorrow! =)

Total price: $11.18! 

I will start with all the boxes resting inside and upside down.   I will uncover one by one using the free suggested story line from Waseka: Note: look at the link under the item number.
I am thinking about labeling each box, but I kind of want my kids to do that work too.
For sure I will be getting another set of boxes to make the biosphere tower too.

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