Saturday, November 8, 2014

Home Learning 11/7/14

I mentioned our white board on my post yesterday.  Here is a picture of what it looks like.  We use it as soon as we enter the learning room to make notes on what the kids want to work on, and to remind me of what I want to have available to them.  Like I said before, they can choose to/not to do the activities on the board.  
Translation: Journal: up= ride a horse. Wednesday. down= ride a horse (copy cat little brother!)
Geometric solids
transferring water- calendar (Big Sister wrote it)
Workers = water, land, air
2 practical life trays
Mayan Book
Listening to story with mom

Little guy's journal: I rode a horse with my sister.  I helped him with the horses.

Big sister wrote about riding a horse with her brother.  She talks about the name of each horse.  She traced the horses on her own.

Little guy worked on sorting workers
air: lego pilot, and astronaut. Water: sailor, and underwater explorer.  Land: doctor, and police officer.  I need to find more people! 

Watering the hedgehog.  It is getting really hairy!

Doing the geometric solids and their everyday items.  Because they asked to be finished with the activity they got to share the cone!

Little guy eating the cone =)

Reading about the Mayans to continue working on their book.

A really cool tool we found Imaginarium 0-9 magnatab.

Once the magnet pen touches the holes the metal balls come up.

We got this cute excavation set for a Mayan temple.

lots of brushing...

and brushing ...

and brushing!  We still have more work to do.

We played with the fruit dominoes.  
Have a great weekend!

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  1. Making the work plan on the whiteboard is perfect for this age! Great idea!


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