Thursday, November 27, 2014

Home Learning 11/27/14

Here are the two journals,  Little Guy was excited to go to the pool with his dad that afternoon.  He wrote, "Yo voy a la piscina con mi papi, mi mami, y mi hermana," (I am going to the pool with my dad, my mom, and my sister).  For some reason we all have really big fingers in his picture =).
Big sister thought for a long while before writing.  The day before we had stayed home and she couldn't think of what to write.  At the end, she wrote, "Ayer aprendi en numero 20 y aprendi sobre las peninsulas y los golfos," (Yesterday I learned the number 20, and I learned about peninsulas, and golf).  It was a learning entry for her journal! 

For her work on words activity, I simply wanted her to practice using the verb "to have" in present, past and future.  She forgets to write the h and also the c instead of the s.  She found in her drawer the letter stamp set, and the little paper she placed on the lid.  It says, Yo hago. Yo hice. Yo hare. (I do, I did, I will do). She stamped it and traced it in her notebook.

I asked her to think about a sentence for each one. She wrote, "I do class everyday. I did a project. I will do a book of Mexico."

For his work on words activity, The Little Guy had a set of six images and label cards to pair up. He had: nudo, dolar, nido, dedo, dado, dos, (knot, dollar, nest, finger, die, and two).

I love the little finger reading!

Then he copied his words to label the images I glued to his notebook.

He also worked with his numbers using this cute cards I found a while ago for free on the internet. They come full size and are to be used with play dough.  I printed 4 to a page, and laminated them to use with wiki sticks, 

He enjoyed this activity, but I must warn you that to cut wiki sticks you need a pair of good scissors, and they might get ruined at the end. 

After he made all the numbers, he used the counting board at the bottom .

I mixed things up and he needed to look at the number to add apples in the trees. When he did not remember what number it was, he counted the dots at the bottom right corner. 

Finally we moved to making another book.  Now they wanted to make a book about Mexico.

Here is Big Sister's book cover.

So far this is what she has inside.  Our first landforms.

This is inside the little guy's book.  I made the lines for him to write the names of the landforms. 

Today, I would like to thank everyone who has made home learning possible and enjoyable for us.
I will make sure to call you all and thank you!
For everyone else, have a Happy Thanksgiving day!

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