Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Home Learning 11/25/14

Today when the kids told me they wanted to journal first, I asked them what they were going to write about.  Big Sister decided to look at her journal to figure out what her last entry was, and off course, our Little Guy had to look at his journal too. Big sister was actually figuring out what to write by looking at the calendar and remembering each day. She has a great memory. 

Little Guy wrote "I like to do art projects" and Big Sister expanded on the same topic.  See earlier post about their art projects.

For numbers with the Little Guy, I pulled out the big magnet numbers, and magnetic white erase board. First I asked him to organize the number.  Since he didn't remember 6 and 9, I directed him to the calendar.  He counted to six, and brought the six with him to the rug.  He found it by matching it.  He did the same with number 9.  Then he moved to writing the numbers in his notebook.  He used his magnatab numbers to remember how to make 6 and 9.

When he ran out of room, he decided he wanted to write the numbers in his math notebook.

Little Guy also got to work with the letter d. It was very easy for him to recognize the sound, and to write the letter.  We went over the miniature box: delfín, dedal, dona, dientes, d, diamante, dulce y dinero (dolphin, thimble, donut, d, teeth, diamond, candy, and money).

He added dinosaurs to the capital and lower case d. 

Then he used a big sticker and copied the word (dinosaurio: dinosaur).

Later on he added more dinosaurs, and a tooth (diente).  I gave him a sheet of paper to color objects that start with d.  Out of 11 he chose 7.  He colored, cut, and pasted ducha, diamante, DVD, dado, dedal, diente, and dominos (shower, diamond, DVD, die, thimble, tooth, and dominoes).

Big Sister decided to also use the miniature objects that start with D to do her cursive practice. 

When she was finished writing, she spent some time organizing the movable cursive letters.

For geography today we started with the book ¿Qué es Geografía? What is Geography? by Bruce Larkin.  We read the book while looking at this earth night lite.  It comes with a remote control and turns on the lights of the areas most populated on the hemisphere. In our learning room, we used it to look for water and land, and later on looked for rivers, and lakes. 

As we read, the book mentions different landforms.  Big Sister was pointing at lakes, and Illinois!

Little Guy was pointing at an island.

We talked about a peninsula (specifically, the Yucatan peninsula), we used the land form tray and filled it with blue colored water. 

We added some animals to the oceans.

The kids compared the peninsula with the golf (and found the Golf of.... you guessed it! The Golf of Mexico)!

More animals and a couple of transportation miniatures made their way into the picture.  Do you see Big Sister´s hand? She is holding the plane that was taking us to the Yucatan!  I can't wait!

When all was done based on their white board plan.  I asked Big Sister to join me for some math.  She still does not request this area when making her plans for the day.  I keep on reminding her of what is available, and she does enjoy it.  First we reviewed the teen board just because I grabbed the wrong one.

Then we moved to the tens boards.  We only worked up to 50 because she needs to work on the names of the tens.  I placed the number cards and asked her to make the number with the beads.  She was able to do it without difficulty.  She was not as successful at saying the name of the number. 

Here are the random numbers she made with beads. 

We moved to the white board and she wrote all the tens, I helped her write a few of the numbers in word format.  She finished the list and then we noticed the pattern again.  The "ta" ending tells her that it is one of the tens. 

She wrote the list of number symbols, the names of the numbers, and underlined the "ta" in her math journal.
We have a lot of work ahead of us in the math area!

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