Saturday, November 22, 2014

Home Learning 11/21/14

Little Guy was doing a reading review. I gave him 30+ label and image card pairs.  I lined up all the label cards on the floor at one end of the room.

I placed the image card a little further away on a different rug.

He read the label card and went to pick up the image card to make a pair. He placed his pairs on the far left side of the blue rug above. 

When Big Sister joined him, they started a racing reading game. Above, he is giving her instructions on how to do the game.

Both kids were running back and forth to make the pairs. 

Here is today's journal work.  Little Guy wrote: I like to transfer water. Big sister wrote about our trip to buy her new riding boots.

Little guy has been trying to make a ruler.  I helped him by holding the ruler so he could make the top and bottom line.  I also made the arrows pointing down to the numbers.  He copied the numbers from his ruler.

Big Sister was introduced to the tens boards. 

Now she really likes any activity using the beads.  I need to review this presentation.  She understood it, but she does not know the names of the tens.  She usually only counts up to numbers 31.  That is as far as we count using the calendar. 

I showed her the positive snake game.  She was able to complete it all unassisted. 

Once she finished the snake game (and while I went to move the laundry), she had started making houses with the beads. The first picture is her creation of her grandma's place.  She said it was decorated for the holidays.  The second picture is her brother's creation of our house. In this home learning environment we encourage creativity.  I didn't stop them.  I simply watched and offered more beads!

When we were finished cleaning up all the beads, we were ready to move to geography.  We took out the continent globe and re-introduced the puzzle map of the world parts.  Big Sister has used it in the past, but this time it was part of a progression of mini lessons.  You can call it my do-over.  It made more sense, and was better appreciated.
They were comparing the continent globe and the puzzle map of the world parts piece by piece.

Big Sister used the puzzle pieces to trace, and later label each of the continents in her notebook.

While she was busy tracing, coloring, and labeling, our Little Guy can be seen building right next to her. He wanted to build.  He took out the small binder with the extension cards, the brown stairs, the pink tower, and his sea animals.

He was following the directions, and was very excited to do it all by himself!

Later in the day, I used butcher paper to trace the kids.  

Here is a picture of Big Sister's unfinished work.  

Have a great weekend!

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