Thursday, November 20, 2014

Home Learning 11/19/14

Journal writing
The Little Guy wrote, "I want to learn to read by myself."
Big Sister wrote a letter to her new pen pals. It was a two sided letter!

I am not sure what the Little Guy was doing, but his concentration on detail was remarkable.

Here he is practicing number symbol recognition using the calendar. I simply called out a number and he flipped it over.

Working with the binomial cube, sensorial stage

Working with words with the letter ñ

Paring words and images

Gluing and labeling the words in his notebook

Writing the names of the numbers from 11-19

She was copying them from the white board, and chose to use her chair as a table.

I introduced the continent globe.  We looked at the similarities and differences between the terrestrial and continent globe.  The kids pointed at the Hawaiian Islands.

I took out our homemade color tablets and chose the ones for each continent.  Then we looked for our letters from penpals and little animals. Big sister has pen pals in 3 continents!

Big Sister used the teen boards.

The little guy practiced using the bead stair. He really wanted to use beads because his sister was using them too.

A little time off to make shapes

We went swimming and were back in the learning room to solve an interesting question Big Sister asked the day before.  She wanted to know what was inside the Earth.  I am sure the concept of the inner and outer core is a bit over their heads, but we can always make it an art project right?
I did mention (rather lightly) what the layers of the Earth were called and a simple description of each of them.

We got out our model of the Earth.

It opens up into two pieces showing the interior of the Earth.

We got out the playdough and started making a model of our own. Here they were in the outer core.  The inner core is the tiny yellow ball on their tray.

Inserting the inner core in the outer core

Making the mantel and inserting both cores

We made the crust by making a sheet of blue playdough and then wrapping it around the mantel.

Comparing our model to our playdough creation

Adding the land or continents using small pieces of green.

Closing his half and her half to make a whole planet!

After rolling in my hands!

First they held it together

Then they took it apart.

Later in the day the kids went to their riding lessons.

Here we were waiting for their horses. It was a bit cold and I could't take decent pictures of them riding.

Big Sister's teacher was showing her the different markings of the horse's faces. In the picture they found a horse with a blaze.

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