Thursday, November 13, 2014

Home Learning 11/13/14

We started number symbol recognition even before we got to the learning room.  We used a big foam die and our labeled stairs.  The kids got to toss the die and then stand on the corresponding step. Above, Little Guy tossed a 4.  

Then he went to stand on the 4th step, next to the number 4. 

They kept playing for a while trying to get the biggest (highest) number. 

Once in the learning room, we worked on our white board.  They asked to do the calendar, write in their journals, work with words, and make a pyramid.  I added three activities: Where do you live? (to use the Cosmic Nesting Boxes), reading, and using the geometric solids with a blindfold. See how Big Sister is drawing a pyramid? They are always welcome to illustrate our plans, or to add even more to it.

Calendar work.  We are counting the days to Thanksgiving.

I said it last night.  As soon as the kids saw the white lids from the nesting boxes, we had to make a pyramid! 

Big sister actually found a coloring sheet with a pyramid and used it for directions.  She was instructing her brother to count the number of lids to match the image. She numbered the layers of the pyramid on the coloring page.

Journals: Little guy wrote: a mi me gusta jugar con mi mamá (I like to play with my mom) =) If you look at the writing board that I used with him, you will noticed that only j, g, and c are red! Those are the letters he doesn't know how to write yet.  He was able to write everything else unassisted.  He is at the point where I can say small words like: mi and me (from his journal) and he can write them without the need to copy.  One interesting thing he said today: "Mami, the S is like number 5."  Hence the marking on his board.  
Big Sister wrote about her visit to Epic Air Trampoline Park. I love her jumping people. She drew her brother crying because he jumped too high!

We spent a great amount of time using the blindfold while identifying the different geometric solids through touch .  This was a hit.  First, I asked for one of the solids in isolation and they found it.  Later, they were given a real life item to match it to the geometric solid shape. 

Finally, we moved to the Cosmic Nesting boxes (see yesterday's post on how I made them for under $12).
Here is the story behind it from the Waseca website:

Close your eyes and imagine yourself in deep 
dark space. The space is blacker then the blackest 
night and it goes on in all directions forever and ever. 
Imagine that you are moving through this space and
ahead you see light. As you get closer, you see that the 
light is coming from a cluster of millions of stars. 
The stars are clustered together in the shape of a 
spiral. This is the milky way galaxy. 
Open your eyes now. 

There is one particular star in this galaxy and if 
you move closer to it, you will see that it is our sun 
with planets in orbit around it. 
(lift the milky way box to reveal the solar system box within)

One of those planets is just the right distance away 
from the sun so that it does not get too hot or too cold 
to support life. That planet is our earth.
(lift the solar system box to reveal the earth box within)

The earth has water and large areas of land called 
continents. One of these continents is North America.
(lift the earth box to reveal the continent box within)

Within North America is a country called the 
United States of America.
(lift the continent box to reveal the country box within)

One of the states within this country is called, for us, Illinois.
(lift the country box to reveal the state box within)

Inside of this state is a city 
(lift the state box to reveal the city box within)

Within your city or town is the street where your 
[learning room] is located.
(lift the city box to reveal [your house] box within)

Inside of the building is you, a child. One of seven 
million people on this planet. An individual who is 
(lift the [house] box to reveal the child box within)

Inside of you are Atoms which are the building blocks 
of all things on our planet. It contains energy or love,
the stuff that holds all of the universe together.
(lift the child box to reveal the atom)

And that is how they built the Cosmic Tower!  They absolutely loved it!

Big Sister wanted to label it all in her notebook.  Thankfully I had saved the piece of paper with all the images I used to make the nesting boxes. She was excited to cut them...but got interrupted due to her little brother's hunger complaints.  We headed down for lunch.

Right after she was dressed and finished with lunch, she rushed upstairs to glue the images....

...while Little Guy made me a necklace. 

Then she labeled them all.  
I know this work touched her heart!

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