Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Home Learning 11/12/14

We started our day in the learning room with a geography presentation.  The activity is about the terrestrial Globe and it is from Karen Tyler's Montessori albums. 

We used the containers with water and land to help us find them in the globe.  

The Little Guy had to take the globe off of its axle. His curiosity led us to discover that there is a lot of water at the bottom of the globe. We also talked about where we live, where my parents live, where Big Sister's pen pals live, and where the Mayans ruins are at.. etc.

Then, they were off to journal.  Little guy wrote: yo quiero ir a ver vacas en la finca (I want to see cows at the farm).  It is too cold for us to go cow-watching =(
Big Sister wrote about her surprise playdate. They played grocery shopping with a lot of recycling materials I have been collecting for a while.  I even had paper bags from target ready for their shopping. 

Little Guy worked on syllables with N.  I gave him the pictures to glue.  I drew the lines, and he wrote the syllable.

Big Sister was working on her Math notebook.  I printed a sheet of paper with the colored beads from the Helpful Garden (  We used one of the extensions to cut and glue the colored beads.  She then wrote the numeral, and spelled out the number's name.   

And then the Little Guy realized I had two sets, (the page you print comes with two columns).  He wanted to do the activity too.  I helped him glue them and lightly traced the numbers for him to copy. 

Both kids worked on sorting out the images for the geometric solids.  I got the images from creciendo con Montessori ( 

The Little Guy and I used this puzzle to review the number symbols. 

We transformed an old diorama to create a Mayan display.  We used some stickers from the scrap booking section at the store and some printed pictures for the background.  We will be working on it a bit further.  We are planning on adding land, and animals!

For now, the Maya display took a spot in the cultural area.

After lunch we headed back to the learning room because Big Sister wanted to work on words with the letter n in cursive.  She picked this activity on her own.  She told me that from now on she would like to write the words her brother is learning in cursive.  Since he is working with n, she chose n.  What can I say? Sure go ahead!

Here are her words from the miniature objects I showed her brother the day before (see yesterday's post for the list).

Later, we headed over to Epic Air Trampoline Park for some needed jumping time.  We met a lot of homeschooling families.  It was such a pleasure to be surrounded by those who also choose our learning path!

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