Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Home Learning 11/05/14

The little Guy started organizing the sandpaper numbers.  Then, he placed the corresponding bar from the colored bead stair under each number. 

He colored a copy of the bead bars from 1-9. I got it from the helpful garden: Note: I printed it, and made a copy at 109% its size.  The one directly from the link did not work for the 8 and 9 bar.  
When selecting the colors to use, the Little Guy took the bar to the color pencils and tried to match the color. 

Comparing his work to the actual bead bars.  

Finally, we glued the bead stair to his math journal and labeled each bar with the number symbol.  He traced my outlines.

Big Sister worked with a new set of words.  Today she was focusing on the sound "ch." She had: chile, Chicago, chihuahua, chivo, chupo, chimenea, and chocolate (chile, Chicago, goat, pacifier, chimney, and chocolate). Again, I printed the picture of the objects for her to cut, glue, and label.

Her work with cursive writing is self directed and very rewarding to her.  It is 100% intrinsic motivation!

Yesterday in one of our errands we found a set of stickers with the solar system.  Just for fun, and as a review, we did the letter s again using the Sun and Saturn stickers.  It is a lot of fun to see him excited about writing letters.   I will be saving Neptune for N, Venus for V, and Jupiter for J!

He also worked on initial syllables (sa, se, si, so, su).  He did add the "l" sound to write sol (sun) and sal (salt).

He also took a turn at sorting the animals by the land, air, and water categories. Big sister was not able to do this activity today.  She wants me to save it for her  =)

Both kids were working on their journals.  The little guy was very excited because he was starting his new journal today.  I got him the mead primary journal  Use the link as a visual aid but try to find them at you local teacher store.  I bought the notebook for $2.49. Amazon sells one for $5.99 or a set of five for $18.55

The Little Guy wrote two entries:

mi pez olomina se murio : my guppy fish died.

Voy a montar a caballo: I am going to ride a horse.

Big sister wrote about Halloween and trick-or-tricking.

Yesterday, the little guy also found a set of fine motor tools.  Both kids had fun transferring water using the twisty dropper.  You can find it at:

After family open swim, both kids went for a riding lesson.  Big sister is riding every other week. Her teacher is going to be doing a show next week and needed to moved it to today.  Since the Little Guy expressed interest in riding too, we gave him a turn. 

His lesson was only 15 minutes on the horse, and about 5 minutes grooming.  I walked right by his side because he scarcely can put his legs in each of the stirrups. At the end, he asked us to let him ride  Jaz again =)  

Both kids riding.  Big Sister's teacher was showing her how to steer the horse, and the different positions for walking, and trotting. 

Little guy grooming a horse for the first time.

Dont't forget to make a comment to recive the four companion books to the pink series.  Look for this Monday's post 11/3/14

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