Monday, November 3, 2014

Great News: Giveaway!

Back in May of 2013, I found out about Willbooks and Mr. Larkin (  Almost a year and a half later I received a box of books with their label on it.  This time I didn't order the books.  The books that I received were my own.  I wrote them! I basically organized a set of books that will work with the pink series.  Only four of the five books were published  They need to finish with the consonant-vowel-consonant (CVC) that includes letter I.  The images are beautiful and my kids and I were thrilled to get them!

Big sister who is not very interested in reading in English took to reading them right away.  I covered the image with a sticky note to make sure she was reading!

Then she flipped the sticky note. She gladly realized she was in fact reading the words correctly!

The little guy, who is not a reader yet, helped me find all the miniature objects for the book with letter o.

He also had his dad help him read the books.

Big sister got to use the small movable alphabet and miniatures with the letter a book.  I will be using this activity with both kids and hopefully encouraging them to copy their words in their notebooks.

These books are a great companion to the pink reading series.  They just keep it all together in a fun and beautiful way.  Check them out at under the pre-K readers.

Would you like a set of the current published books (the four in the first pictures)? Add a comment telling me how you would like to use them in your home learning environment, or your classroom.  I will let my children pick a random person and I will mail them to you!

Note: as of today, I have not received any compensation for the idea or for making the list of words for each book.  I did not provide the images for the books.  I decided that since I really wanted the books, I needed to find someone to make them for me.  Thank you to Mr. Larkin for making the books a reality.  They are a great learning tool for my children.  


  1. I want one please! I want my kids to read!

  2. These books look great! Thank you for this opportunity,if I won these books I would share them with children when I do my Home Visits with families.

  3. Hi Tearri,
    Please send me an e-mail with the address to mail your books!

  4. Great! Thank you so much!! I sent you an email.


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