Thursday, November 6, 2014

Home Learning 11/6/14

One of my favorite things in our home learning environment is how we start.  The kids and I sit by the small white erase board and talk about the things they want to do today, the things I have ready for them, and the order they want to make it happen. During our conversation I take notes on the white board, and draw pictures to help my beginning reader know what is available.  It is up to them to choose the order and whether they will even do a specific activity.  
Today Big Sister announced (as she always does) that she wanted to work on her journal first.  The Little Guy immediately said that he was to write in his journal right away too.  Both kids talked about what they were going to write about, and what they were going to draw to illustrate their writing.
I think the writing obsession is contagious in our house.  Now both kids choose to write in their journal as a priority.  The little guy wrote: El otro dia nadamos con mi mama en la piscina (the other day[yestersday] we swam with my mom in the pool).  I am very excited to share that he is reducing the size of his letters.  He is starting to develop a better handwriting style.
Big Sister wrote: El sabado era el dia de los muertos.  A mi me gusta este dia de los muertos porque queria una foto de mi pez muerto (Saturday was the day of the dead.  I like the day of the dead because I wanted a picture of my dead fish).  She accompanied her writing with a picture of some skeletons on an altar table, her dad with a picture of our dead cat, her brother with a picture of his dead guppy, and herself with a picture of her dead goldfish!

The little guy did some more number symbol review.  I gave him clothespins with the numbers in them.  He said the number out loud and put it on the white dot of the corresponding sandpaper number cards.  When he was getting to the bigger numbers, the ones he doesn't know, he needed to count the numbers in order from one to the one he was looking for.  We still have a lot of more practice to go.  Numbers six and nine are hard!

Then he moved on to a special activity.  I have looked for almost two weeks for real objects to match the geometric solids.  I placed them in this big tray and let him figured it out.

First he lined out the solids with their bases.  Next he added the name cards.

Finally, he placed each object with is shape.  He enjoyed doing this activity all on his own.  

Then he decided to transfer water with the twisty dropper again.  Today I added one drop of green coloring to the water, and used bigger containers.

Big sister was catching up to the things she didn't get to do the day before.  One such thing was using the colored bead stairs. She was able to write all the numbers on her own from 0-10.

She did a couple readers in Spanish from the Willbooks collection.  She read them to herself using the Whisper Phone:

The little guy started using image cards with the s sound.  He still reads phoneme by phoneme. We will work on syllable reading tomorrow. 

He got copies of all the images.  He cut, glued, and labeled them.  He used his label cards to help him write on his own.

Here is Big Sister catching up on
 the air, water, and land animal sorting activity.

Yesterday I told a friend that my kids didn't like the dressing frames.  Just to prove me wrong, the Little Guy decided to use them today. 

We had lunch at the library with their dad, and met some friends there for the adults to talk and the kids to play.   

The library had a beautiful lego exhibit of skyscrapers.  


  1. I really love the sound of your homeschool. Starting the day with a blank whiteboard - wonderful!

  2. Interesante la forma de comenzar el dia!!... eso le da más color y sabor a lo que es la escencia de educar en casa.... Siempre es interesante escuchar las rutinas de otras familias que compartirmos básicamente un mismo sentir.... GRACIAS POR COMPARTIRLO!


Thank you for sharing!