Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Home Learning 11/18/14

Warning: Lots of pictures

Let's start with a recap of the weekend.  On Sunday, the Little Guy got a chance to open a peanut.  Maní or peanut in Spanish was in his vocabulary cards with n the week before. It was neat to have him open it, and eat it!

It has been crazy cold.  The kids started playing Wii fit again for lack of something better to do.  

We found a Horse-Opoly game for $1 at a rummage sale.  Big Sister was very excited to play.  The Little Guy was happy to put the money in order under the board. He was winning!

Listening to reading: ¡Salta Ranita Salta! (Jump, Frog, Jump!) by Robert Kalan

For today´s journal writing, the Little Guy wrote: Yo quiero jugar en la nieve (I want to play in the snow).  Interesting enough, he did not want to make a picture of himself playing with the snow.  He wanted to make a picture of himself wanting to play with the snow. After some talking, I understood what he wanted to do.  I took the first picture, and showed it to him in my camera.  He asked me to draw a window and our neighbor´s fence.  Then, he asked for the little house, and to start the tree.  He added details with colors, and drew himself looking out. We talked about how his eyes were not in the picture, and just his hair on the back of his head. He really loves to draw. 

Big sister continues to journal to remember what is special about her days.  If you were to meet her and show interest in her journal, she would read the whole thing to you! She wrote about going swimming on Sunday to try a new class, and how we unexpectedly bumped into some of her friends. All the kids are hugging! I am the tall lady in red!

Math for the Little Guy consisted of using some of the fruit dominoes.  I gave him the blank-fruits combinations from 1-6. I also gave him the sandpaper numbers.  1st he paired them up after counting the number of fruits.  With his fingers, he kept on asking me, "is it the number with this shape?" At least I know he knows all the numbers by the shape of their symbols.

He also got to write the number on the blank side of the domino. 

And , Off course, we had to do some dominoes in his notebook.  

Big Sister worked on the teens!  I am so excited to be able to help her move her along. 
It was rather simple but such a great visual and tactile reinforcement.  We started with the unit bead hanger.  Then we counted ten, and things got exciting!

It was delightful to see her understand the next numbers.  Sure she knew the numbers by counting, but to actually understand what 11, 12, 13... are is just priceless! We talked about the hard teens, and the easy teens since in Spanish numbers 11-15 are completely new words: once. doce, trece, catorce, and quince.  While, with numbers 16-19, they are a combination that literally says, dieciseis= diez y seis  or ten and six.  Hence, if you were to count in Spanish you would be saying, ten and six, ten and seven, ten and eight, and ten and nine! And how awesome to show her to hold ten (golden beads) and six (purple beads) for 16!

At the end, she was very excited when I pulled out the teen bead hanger. She got to work all on her own.

She chose letter K for her work with words.

Writing in her notebook.

The Little guy worked with Ñ.  First he noted how similar it was to letter N except for its sound.

Objects: piña, ñandú, ñame, niño, araña, moño, ñ, leña.

In his notebook he wrote ñoquis, ñandú, and ñire (a type of tree)

We wrapped things up with a little geography. I was using the lesson The globe as a model of the earth from World According to Biomes (Waseka).  In it, the guide presents an elephant (I only had a giraffe).  I showed them the giraffe, and we talked about how it is not a real giraffe, but a model of one that looks like the real one.  Then we talked about how the sandpaper globe is not the real earth, but a model of the earth.  
We also looked at the real pictures of the giraffe, and the real pictures of the earth. I actually took out a space shuttle to show them how you have to be out of the planet to be able to take pictures of the earth.  We looked at the hemisphere pictures, and looked for the similar land parts in the sandpaper globe.

Then, I showed them a drawing of the giraffe, and a drawing of the earth. We talked about how it is not real, but it helps us understand the real things. I asked them to help me make the drawing like the sandpaper globe.  They used paint brushes to spread the glue on top of the continents only.  

Then they spread some sand on top.  

Finally, they cleaned it up, and got their sand-filled drawing of the earth. 
They went ahead and colored the giraffe too!

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