Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Home Learning 11/11/14

This weekend we worked on the Mayan excavation set.  The steps needed time, and we needed to get shoe polish to finish it up.  The kids got to wash the parts after we took all the sediment away.  Then, their dad baked the pieces and glued them together.  The kids got to cover it with black shoe polish to give it a nice old looking color. We moved to applying glue, and the, "vegetation." Finally, we used hair spray to give shine and protection.

Here is the finished project going in the cultural area.

Little Guy worked on letter N today.  It was super easy for him as he already knew the sound and knew how to write it.  As always, he was fascinated with the miniatures.  We had: nota musical, nuez, Nemo, nube, naranja, n, nave espacial, novio y novia  y una nariz. (musical note, acorn, Nemo, orange, n, spaceship, bride and groom, and a nose). He decided to pick Nemo to be the miniature he wanted me to photograph.

He moved to his work on words (more like work on letters for him at this point).  He got the letter N and a lot of stickers of Neptune!

He selected a few images to cut, glue and label: Neptuno, nave espacial y nido (Neptune, Spaceship, and a nest). He was able to write Neptune all by himself!  He knows all those letters!

Work on writing: Journal
Little Guy: Yo quiero recoger caracoles (I want to collect snails).  He really wanted to learn how to draw them.  I helped him.  I want to direct your attention to the picture he drew of himself.  I love his purple pants!  For him his notebook is to be used to write about anything he fancies. 
Big sister: She uses her notebook simply as a journal.  She recorded her whereabouts from the day before: Mandarin class, swimming, and a friend´s house. 

Listening to Reading together

Big Sister works on words.  She focused on words that change when adding another r.  
pera vs. perra caro vs. carro, careta vs. carreta, coro vs. corro (pear vs. female dog, expensive vs. cart, mask vs. wheelbarrow, chorus vs. I run) 

Reading to self: I just love those headphones!

Math for the Little guy.  I´m still trying to get him to learn all the number symbols.  Please share more ideas.  I am running out of number recognition activities.

Again, he chose to use the magnatab numbers.

We reviewed air, water, and land using this rain forest felt board. We simply used labels 

They placed the animals in the correct location.  

We have been reading about many of these animals in our books about the Mayans. The kids were excited to use them. I guess this is my way to tie our learning together.

In the gloomy afternoon we kept on rolling! Big Sister worked on an ABC chart of the Mayans.  

It is a chart I used in school with my third and fourth graders.  Well, since we were studying the Mayans and I still have it, I decided to give it a try.  It was a total success! She loved it.  After I explained how it is used, she came up with the following words on her own: Chichén Itzá, números, Méjico, pirámide y jaguar.  Then, she was on a mission to find words for the other letters.  We read books together and she was writing the vocabulary words she found interesting and important to the Mayans.  She included: Choza, flechas, frijoles, guajolote (a type of turkey in Mayan?), maíz, templo, Yucatán, venado, Kukulcán, and quetzal. 

In the mist of the excitement we had a surprise visit.  Friends came over for a play date!
We left the learning room, and enjoyed their company. 
Until tomorrow!


  1. Ohhhh Me encanta la piramide Maya!!!! Preciosa!!!! y las actividades super!@!!! Felicidades, vi al bebo con los números y los pinches@!!! Felicidades!!

  2. Karen,
    Gracias por la inspiración. En tu blog voy a buscar más ideas. Además se que cuento contigo para encontrar más información y fotos de los materiales de matemáticas. Es el área donde estamos más atrasados. A todos nos encató la piramide.


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