Sunday, October 26, 2014

Our day 10/24/14

We had a fun and exciting Friday here! 

We started the day by visiting the library.  It is my very favorite places right now.  We get so much help, and so many materials. 
We were searching for books, and dvd's about the Mayan civilization and the Yucatan peninsula.  We are going to Cancun!  It is going to be our first time in Mexico with the kids. It all happened to work out in our favor.  We had to cancel our 10th wedding anniversary trip in July because the little guy injured his arm, and ended up with a cast.  The airline was very understanding, and gave us one year to rebook our trip.  We decided that January will be the best time to travel.  It is the time with less crowds, and who would object from escaping the winter that is coming? By the way, did you know that traveling the first week in January is a great saving opportunity?  We will be getting the most bang for our money as the holiday travelers get back to work and school.
We will be learning about the Mayans, and geography to prepare for our trip.  We will also pull out our plane model and revisit the parts of the plane and the airport.  I will like the kids to feel comfortable about traveling and excited about seeing what they are learning at home. If you are planning a vacation to Cancun, I highly recommend the DVD Traveling with Kids: Mexico The Yucatan.  It is filled with information and is a lot of fun for the kids!

After the library we went to the kid's swim lessons.  Big sister moved up another level!  She will be joining the glider plus class.  In her new level she will be practicing backstrokes, flutter kicks, more rollovers, windmills, treading water, and using the kickboard.  

The little guy also moved up a level! He will be joining the Junior 2 class.  He will be working on barbell kicks, superman glide, back and front float, pulling paddles, and rollovers.

Since the day was just absolutely gorgeous, we headed over to the pumpkin farm to meet some friends.

We went to the tricycles and had a blast.  I am riding with them in the little race course!

Having fun in the chalk house...

...and the jumping pillow.

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