Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Monday 10/20/14

Every Monday the kids take a Mandarin-Chinese class.  Right after, I am taking them for an hour of family open swim to practice the skills they are learning in their classes. Because of these commitments (and because I also clean the house on Monday mornings), we do not visit the learning room. Instead, the kids get to do art projects.  With inspiration, and instruction from a friend, I found the following materials: a chicken wired pumpkin, and ribbons.  My friend had the awesome idea to weave the ribbon through the chicken wired and the kids truly loved it! Thanks Kari!

Big sister was able to do it on her own without any instruction.  The little guy needed a paper clip to hold the ribbon in place.  

Here are both of their pumpkins.  They are still working on them.

The project turned out so cute, the kids decided to hang them to decorate the house. They are still working on them but we ran out of ribbons!
At JoAnn's :
Chicken wired pumpkin: $4.99
Ribbons: $4.00

In the late afternoon we had a Colombian gathering at home. I am fortunate to have found three Colombian moms (with little ones) very close to where we live.  It is so cute to see all these children who share the Colombian genes, and appetite for arepitas!

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