Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Learning Bathroom

The learning room, previously known as my master bedroom, has a not so much of a master bathroom.  It is a tiny little thing with only a shower.  We, especially me, love it.  It is easy to clean!
Well, that tiny bathroom just got tinier! When another one of our toilets broke, my husband and I decided to give the kids a treat. We bought them a tiny toilet.  It is like the ones at the children's museums. Once the tiny toilet was installed, we needed a shorter sink.  We were not going to spent a ton on a brand new cabinet.  Instead, my husband cut the old cabinet shorter by removing the part that had two fake drawers.  This brought the sink down to the kids' levels.  We did replace the sink top.  because the old one was cracked. 

My husband added a few accessories to help the kids reach the toilet paper and the hand towel. 
The kids are loving their new bathroom.  They even love to clean it. The Little guy cleans the sink, and the Big sister is learning to clean the toilet (she wanted to!).
The sink and toilet are fully functioning for adults too.  My husband added a mirror from the office's closet.  It is long and thin.  It allows us all to see ourselves, from our little guy, to their dad who is  over 6 feet tall. 

The kids still need to be in their toes to turn on the water, but that is just giving them room to grow. 
Thank you to my dear, loving, and super handy husband for moving toilets around the house to make this happen, and for giving the kids such an awesome tiny bathroom!

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