Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Home Learning 10/21/14

Warning: long post, lots of pictures!  We had a super busy day in the learning room.
I have to share with you that my kids ask me to take pictures of their work.  They know that my husband and their grandparents are reading this blog, and they want to show them everything they do. 
While the big sister was reading and writing on her own (see her journal entry above), the little guy and I were working on syllables again.  Today we used stacking cubes.  He created the beginning syllables for each image we glued on his notebook.  As you can see above, he needed to look for the consonant and vowel, and match them to the corresponding syllable.

It was a game for him. He actually wanted to keep the mini rod in front of him to copy it on his notebook.

While we were working on syllables, big sister also counted using ghosts.  Then the little guy wanted to do it too.  Noticed that big sister already knows the numbers 1-10.  The little guy needs the number and dots in the cards to do his counting.  

The little guy worked on the articles (el: masculine, la: feminine). Now that he knows the letter L, he can start writing them! As you can see, I am reusing the image cards.

Both kids did this activity using the olive picker.  The little guy is on the first picture. Big sister came to show me what she had done.  She had a pattern.

Little guy was using image cards to classify in three categories: animals, things in nature (but not animals), and toys.  He did this independently. This exercise helps him build vocabulary, and thinking skills as he is the one who names the categories to separate the cards.  

Both kids listened to the Spanish edition of Bunny Cakes by Rosemary Wells.  I recorded it with the tape player.  
I am following the instructions for the inset presentation in the language album I bought from Montessori print shop (so far, really good).  After watching me do one, the little guy grabbed all the materials in his "tray"  (we used a clip board). He traced the frame (pink part), then the inset (blue)...

and finally drew serpentine lines. He loved this part.

Big sister joined in the fun making her own, and helping her brother.

We had lunch and played soccer for a while.

Then we started an afternoon session.  We had nothing better to do =)

He wrote on his journal.  I helped him by dictating the letters and writing the ones he doesn't know.  

The little BUSY guy moved on to the pink tower and brown stairs extensions

He wanted to add the fishes to his structures.  

This extension came from his little mind.  We had to use the clip boards to help steady the brown stairs, and were not able to use the smallest from both sets.  He also had to add his fishes.

His big sister was writing a book about Dolphin's Tale.  This time, she wrote in English on her own.  See her writing on the board on the left and my "translation" for her to copy into her book on the right?  We read both boards together and she noticed were they are the same and were they are different.  She learned how to write Winter and Hope's names from the book we got her at the bookstore. 
Note: we always talk about how crazy English spelling is! Spelling in Spanish is a piece of cake!

The little guy started to create his own book for the next day.  His dad taught him how to sew a book

I am also following the math album from Montessori print shop (so far, pretty great).  We are working from the beginning presentations.  Today we worked on the number rods, and number cards. Both kids are working on this lesson together.

looking for the corresponding rod

Learning how big ten is.  She pointed out: "it is almost as big as nine!"

Again we played the hid-and-seek numbers game.  Here they are looking for them.

They called out the number they found and grabbed the corresponding number rod to place it with the number card) on the empty rug. They were almost marching with the rods!

Finally when their dad was making dinner, and I was doing laundry, they sat together and worked on their pumpkins!  

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