Friday, October 17, 2014

Home Learning 10/17/14

This morning we went to the library on our way to the kids' swim lessons.  We returned all of our books, and picked up another author's set.  We are reading Julia Donaldson's books.  All but one was illustrated by the German artist Axel Scheffler. We had read one of her books before, and the kids loved it.  Now we are fans of her other books as well. 
The kids picked 7 of Donaldson' many books  On the next picture you get to see the kids eating a snack while I read The Highway Rat to them.  This is by far our favorite (yes! me included!)  

In the learning room, we are working on numbers.  Thanks to the calendar, both kids can count up to 31 with little assistance for the little guy. But they had a hard time with numbers 6 and 9 on their own.  Also, both need practice writing them. We had a copying activity together.  They used the sandpaper number cards, and the small white erased boards to write the numbers. The little guy can write 0, 1, 2, 3, and 8.  Big sister can do them all but forgets which one is which. 

We took out the number rods, counted the sections, and use the number cards to label them. 

We played numbers hide-and-seek.  They went to the hallway while I hid the numbers around the learning room.  When they came in they looked around for the numbers and shouted the ones they found.  It was a lot of fun. 

After about 4 times, they were ready to organize the numbers to put them away.

Little guy worked on his journal.  I love the fact that he is asking to write.  Today he wrote: "Me gusta el ojo de la gallina" (I like the hen's eye).  What can I say? That is what he wanted to write.  I am learning to draw with this book.  It is called Draw Write Now by Hablitzel and Stitzer
I am hoping to get the kids to use it in the future.  It is a lovely book for little artist and writers.

Big sister wanted to use her math journal to draw and count guppies.  I love her set up.  She surrounded herself with fish and gave each a color that she later use in her notebook.

I helped the little guy who also wanted to draw and count in his math journal.  I am actually getting quite good at drawing fish!

 She made lines and counted the fish up to 10.

Finally, we used these lace and trace panels.

Have a great weekend!

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