Thursday, October 16, 2014

Home learning 10/16/14

Our morning started with a task.  I got an e-mail from the library with a list of books soon to be overdue.  I had to find 20+ books!  We emptied our library corner and poured out all the books.  With a list at hand, I called the tittles and the kids found them.  We reread a few of their favorites =)

They put together all the Eve Bunting's books.  We all enjoy to do author's sets.  Eve Bunting wrote many books, but they have different illustrators.  It made it fun to see the different styles from the different artists.

In the learning room, the little guy wanted to journal.  He copied "a mi me gustan las vacas" (I like cows). 

I traced this cow for him to color. He added some grass and was very proud of his work.

We used his letrilandia book to review syllable sounds.  He starts with the consonant and, with his fingers, follows the path to the vowels to say each syllable.  He is doing really well at putting them together.  These are his very early reading exercises.

Big sister also wrote on her journal.  She wanted to write about her riding lesson from the day before.  She wanted to trace her horse the same way I traced her brother's cow.

Together, they work on one of the pink tower and brown stairs extension.

They decided to make it vertical, and include their little fish.

While waiting for lunch, they continued to work on their horse poster.

After lunch they were ready to paint.  They truly enjoyed letting their artistic side out.

both kids working on each side of the easel.

In the afternoon we visited a nature center near by to meet a friend.  

When we got home we enjoyed the little bit of sun left in our backyard...

and took a nice walk around our neighborhood!
How was your day?

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