Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Home Learning 10/14/14

Today proved me right! It has been an awful day: rainy and mostly cloudy.  It was a perfect day to learn and play at home.

We started with the calendar.  Big sister has been counting the days to her fifth birthday.

I had the little guy erase the letters I was calling out.  He enjoys this type of silly assessments. 

Then, it was his turn to write the letters I was dictating. We worked with the letter "e" a few times. It is backwards once in a while. 

I introduced letter l.  It is the lechero (milkman).  He looked at the objects and picked "el lavamanos" (bathroom sink) as his favorite. 

We used the images and words that have all the letters he knows. I was reading it by each letter sound and he was telling me the word, and also finding the corresponding image. He moved to his work on writing notebook where he put stickers on the letters L and l.  

He asked me to draw some of the images in his notebook.  He labeled and colored them.

Both kids took turns recording their reading.  It was really cute to see big sister whispering the words to her little brother.  They also got to listen to their own recordings. Thank goodness I kept the old tape player!

Big sister wanted to work with numbers.  She lined up the sandpaper numbers, copied them in her math journal, and added stickers to count.  I wrote a few addition problems in her journal and she used her fish cutouts to get the answers. 

The little guy wanted to do some math too! He used sport ball stickers to count and wrote (with my help) the numbers 1-4.

The little guy decided to explore the sensorial material and pulled out the sandpaper boards.  We talked about feeling words: rough and smooth.

He also wanted to use the sound cylinders on his own, while his sister was writing in her journal.

As we are still wrapping up the fish observations, the big sister decided it was time to get the guppies and goldfish together.  I told her the goldfish will eat the guppies, but I guess she needed to see it to believe it. 

I am glad you are spared from the moment the goldfish ate a half of one of the guppies!

We started a new book together.  It tells the tragedies the guppies have faced. It goes like this: We brought 5 guppies home. One die when we moved him to our small tank.  One jumped out of the tank at night, and we found him dried up on the tray the next morning.  One was eaten today by our veteran goldfish.  Only two remain, but we don't know for how long.

We took a lunch break (and they got dressed!).  While eating we were talking about the guppies and their tragic lives. I had put together one little book, and the big sister decided she wanted to have one of her own.  

little guy coloring the five original guppies (he kept my original copy to color it). Big sister writing the part where the goldfish ate 1/2 the guppy.

Both kids working on their books.  Her writing says: 1 se lo comio el pez dorado (1 was eaten by a goldfish)

Big sister reading her book (note the books are really small.  I hand stitched them)

Here you can see both books and compare their size to a pair of child's scissors. 

Since I had the sewing needles out, we all had to give it a try with these stars. Both kids love to sew!

We did this activity as a family.  It was amazingly relaxing! I did the first start.  In the middle is big sister's, and the next one is the little guy's. 

Finally, the big sister wrote a letter to two future friends.  She was thrilled to be able to just do it all on her own.  She still needs a lot of spelling help in English, but in Spanish her writing is very easy to understand. Thank you my Karen for giving her a chance to feel independent!

It will be raining tomorrow too.  I see another busy day coming our way!

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