Friday, October 31, 2014

Home Learning 10/31/14 Happy Halloween!

We woke up this morning to this:
Snow! Already? The kids were excited.  I was not! Luckily it all melted away withing a few minutes.

Practical life:

The kids started the morning making breakfast.  They are very good at making arepitas (small cheesy corn cakes).  They ground the cheese, mixed it with the corn flour and hot water, made small balls, smashed them to flat circles, and cooked them on the griddle.  Yummy breakfast!

Today they were also learning about sorting and doing laundry. They enjoy helping around the house, and I should let them do more while they are still excited about it. 

In the learning room, they took care of their plants.  The hedgehog little planter started to sprout.

Both kids are on the 3rd inset presentation: Color in 1 Inset.  They were excited to give it a try on their own.

The little guy is very carefully coloring short strokes. He still needs to make it all the way to the right side, but as of now, he is following the left to right direction. 

Big sister was all over. She did the majority of her shapes with the left to right strokes, but also decided to fill in the empty spaces with vertical strokes.  We will surely revisit this presentation next week.

Both kids journal about their visit to the museum.  The little guy wanted to write:
Ayer fui al museo y vi los Mayas (Yesterday I went to the museum and saw the Mayans).  He is able to write the letters he knows (all vowels, and m,p,t,and l) and copy almost every letter he doesn't know except the letter s.  He always asks for help for s.  Next week we will be working on it.

Big sister has completely moved to writing on her own. After she finished, we read the entry together (she read it to me).  I copied it on a white erase board and we looked for discrepancies.  She fixed two mistakes in her journal.

The kids wanted to make a book about the Mayans.  We started again with sewing the book pages.

I printed out a bunch of coloring pages about the Mayans.  I printed them a bit small for the kids to color and glue to their small books.

We had fun looking for a similar image in the books we got from the library.  The little guy found a picture of a warrior in the cover of a book.  He immediately recognized the handheld weapon.

Big sister found pictures of a king in a cartoon style book.  Both kids try to copy the colors.  
We didn't make it as far as writing any words, but we were reading about the images in the book and soaking in a ton of information. 

In the afternoon, we were very excited to receive and open some materials.  I had requested family members to give big sister a bathing suit, or materials for her birthday.  We are very lucky to have generous loved ones.  We were able to buy  a lot of materials to help us learn.  To continue to learn about the Mayans, we will be using the North America map, and the landform trays and cards. She also got a cursive movable alphabet, and the sandpaper capital letters. In the picture, both kids are using the movable alphabet.  It was a huge hit. 

Later that day, we went out to trick-or-treat around our small neighborhood.  Guess what? Over by us, kids trick-or-treat on horses! Even the white horse was "dressed up." When they came over by my house, my husband handed out candy and carrots!

Have a great weekend!

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