Thursday, October 30, 2014

Museum Learning 10/30/14

Today we went to the Field Museum in Chicago.  Since we are learning about the Mayans, and the museum had a free day for Illinois residents, we headed over to learn from their Ancient Americans exhibit. 
It turned out to be a very quiet day at the museum during the time we were there (11- 3pm)
We focused our visit to learn about the Mayans.  The welcoming statue is of the Mayan king 18 Rabbit from Copan. 

One of the interactive parts of the exhibit had small windows asking questions.  After you press the bottom, you get a view of the content of the little hole.  Both kids were excited to find out that Chocolate, and cocoa beans were very important to the Mayans!  
We all loved the simulation videos showing us what the Mayans were like.

This is by far my favorite picture of the day.  The kids just had to soak it in! They were surrounded by Mayan artifacts.  It included a giant mural on the top.

Big sister looking for the city of Copan.

They have a lot of neat artifacts to look at.  Jewelry, pottery pieces, metal work, and some hieroglyphics.  Both kids were able to point out some Mayan numbers carved in the stone.  We have been talking about Mayan numbers as we read the books from the library.

A replica of Tikal (next in my traveling wishes!)

This painting shows a girl who is going to the market in Chihen Itza. Big sister decided to go with her.
The market near a big city. 

Just for fun we went to the kids' lab and found a pretend corn field and a house to grind the corn.  Although, it was for the pueblo people, it is in essence the same process the Mayans used (just different type of corn).

I can't wait for our trip so they can see the real thing in Cancun!

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