Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Home Learning 10/29/14

I know my kids love the learning room when I can share a picture like the one above.  Here are the details: It was 7:10 am.  They had just gotten out of bed. They knew exactly what they wanted to do.  They were just too eager to start to even wait for me!  

We had a lighting breakfast as they rushed back upstairs to the learning room

The Little guy worked with the blue knobless cylinder pattern cards from Montessori Print Shop.  He enjoyed the circle and climbing the "steps" with his fingers.

Here is the second set of two syllable words.  Again, he worked on sounding out each letter, reading both syllables separately, and putting the syllable together to say the word.  He matched the label card to the image card.  Then he cut the images...

...and matched them to the image card.

Then he glued and labeled each image cutout on his notebook.

He arranged the sandpaper number cards with my help.  Today he knew: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 8.  We used the spindles to review number identification and recognition. 

We bundled the spindles using rubber bands.  He really liked being able to tied them.

The big sister worked with the number rods and the presentation: impressions of addition.  She needed to find the two numbers that added to 10. 

When #5 was left without a companion, we did the switch! (note: turn the number five rod over from left to right to double it).   She saw that 5+5=10! Since we don't have another number 5 rod, we took the red rod and, after comparing it, placed it to substitute the other five number rod needed.

She did the addition strips on the white board.

We had lunch, and went swimming.  On our way back we were still talking abut the number rods.  We hurried upstairs to keep on working with them.  

The big sister was doing her addition, the little guy wanted to color the number rods too.

Coloring the number rods.

Addition: notice how she drew the combinations just like the actual rods. It made for the odd numbers to end up with two red sections next to each other, and for one side of the number five to be replaced by a solid red rod.

Then, the big sister had her ridding lesson.  Today, I was happy to see her doing serpentine lines almost on her own.  She knew what they were because she has been making them with her insets. 

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