Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Home Learning 10/29/14

Let me start this post by sharing the above picture of the Big sister in a pile of leaves! I took this picture yesterday in our backyard. Can you see her?

Tuesdays are getting to be our most productive day of the week in the learning room. Here is what the kids worked on:
Big sister started her day with some math.  I gave her the presentation on ascending and descending numbers 1-10.

This week for listening to reading,  the kids have El Rojo es Mejor (Red is Best) by Kathy Stinson.

The little guy used the knobless cylinders.  I loved how careful he was at taking the boxes out.

He used the sequence cards from Montessori Print Shop: http://www.shop.montessoriprintshop.com/Knobless-Cylinder-Sequence-Cards-SenF-10.htm

I also admired how careful he was at lining the boxes back in their place at the end of the activity.

In Math, he used these cookies for number recognition:
 http://www.learningresources.com/product/smart+snacks--174-+counting+cookies--8482-+replacement+cookies.do?sortby=bestSellers&sortby=&&from=Search  Only $3.99 and they gave me free shipping!
He counted the chocolate chips, looked for the numbers, and when he didn't know, as in the case of six, he flipped the cookie over to see the number.  He then traced the sandpaper number while saying the number out loud. 

Reading to himself!

He re-used these image and label cards to practice syllable reading. He took one label card, read it, and looked for the corresponding image card.  He lined all the image and corresponding label cards on the top of his desk.  I gave him a copy of all the images to cut, and glue to his notebook.  Finally, he labeled the images.  

Meanwhile, the Big sister was working with words that have the letter X.  She has been asking me for images like the ones her brother glues to his notebook.  I gave her a sheet with several pictures of things with the letter X.  She had the magnetic alphabet and board.  She took an image, built the word, copied the word in her notebook, and glued the images.

The little guy was working on transferring noodle shells with a spoon. 

We took an early lunch break.  At the end, Big sister swept the crumbs (very authentic practical life!) Funny little guy walking with pumpkin feet.

She also took a break to paint this hedgehog/planter she got for her birthday.  

After the break, the Little guy wanted to use the magnetic letters too. We worked on building words.  I gave him the letters in order.  He read them by syllables, and then put them together as whole words. 

  I guess he was overjoyed! He had to do a little crazy dance.

Kids working, mami folding laundry...

After we read a book about the Mayans, the little guy wanted to write: Hace mucho tiemp los Mayas hicieron un templo (Long ago, the Mayans built a temple) I gave him a reduced copy of a Mayan pyramid.  He colored it, glued it, and added his writing.

Big sister was just writing about her birthday.  She has been writing thank you notes.

Here is my accomplishment! Laundry folded ready to be put away.

In the afternoon, we headed over to Norther Illinois University for  trick-or-treating with the orchestra members, and a concert that followed it.  
Getting candy from one of the musicians. All the musicians, and the conductor were dressed-up. They played many pieces from Disney movies including Frozen. 

Big sister got a rare chance to check out the drums after the concert!

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