Thursday, October 23, 2014

Happy Birthday to Big Sister! 10/23/14

Today was a day to celebrate Big Sister's 5th birthday 
We started the day with lots of phone calls, and the opportunity to see their cousin using skype.  My family loves to call to wish happy birthday very early in the morning!

Believe or  not, her first stop out of the house was at the doctor's office.  She had her annual exam, and vaccines.  I know it sounds sad, but we knew today was the best day to do it.  Since both kids were getting shots, it was great to have my husband present. We knew Big Sister will be excited to carry on with her birthday and soon will forget about the shots. 

The kids opened their present right after leaving the doctor's office..leaving all the crying behind!

We had a lunch with their grandparents at Big Sister's favorite restaurant. It was a very special time shared with loved ones.

We went to the mall right next to the restaurant.  Our first stop was the Lego store.  Each one of us built a new person for our community worker collection.  I put together a news reporter, big sister made a musician, and the little guy made a boy (we call it the homeschooled kid).
Our second and final stop at the mall (I dread the mall!) was at Build-a-Bear.  Big sister loves her bear and wanted a new outfit for her. 

We also gave her bear a most needed brush in the bear tub!

Here she is with her bear, and the outfit she chose.  It was all she asked for!

Later, we stopped at my friend's house for dinner and cake in Big sister's honor. It was great to see friends, and enjoy their company.

Big sister just went at the cake!   I have to admit that after I was very excited regarding the Dolphin tale's inspired cake, I realized that I had to cut the dolphin to serve the pieces. It kind of went against the whole idea of putting the dolphin back together....Next time I will keep the cutting part in mind.

Thank you so much to my in-laws, and friends for helping me celebrate Big Sister's special day.

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