Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Home Learning 10/22/14

Our Wednesday went short in the learning room. After a small accident (spilling hot chocolate during breakfast), the kids helped me clean up the mess, and changed their clothes. It made me realized how much precious time we save daily by not getting them dressed until after visiting the learning room. It is not that I am lazy about getting them ready early.  It is more about utilizing their precious "prime learning time." It is during those morning hours -after breakfast and before lunch- when they are the most focused and engaged. 

Big sister realizing there are no more days before her birthday.  It is tomorrow!

I love this picture of them listening to a book on tape.  They shared a rug, and used just a little corner of the room.

As per their request, they were working on words using shaving cream.  First they got to spread the shaving cream with their hands...

...the little guy worked with his syllables, while big sister worked with "qu" words. 

The little guy cleaning the trays.
I do wonder if Maria Montessori would approve?

The little guy worked with syllables in his writing notebook.  Today he used la, le, li, lo, and lu. His handwriting and his ability to break the syllable into two sound has greatly improved. 

Big sister's journal.  I have to share her entry for today: "I am happy because tomorrow is my birthday.  I will be 5 years old" and her picture blowing candles.

Little guy working with numbers.  We continue to do activities to help him identify and recall the first 9 digits.  Today he matched the dotted cards with the sandpaper numbers I gave him.

Practical life activity.  I need help in this area. I just feel we cover practical life, well practically living! Still, I know both kids enjoy these activities and I should offer more for them.  Suggestions?

Today, the little guy had pouring using a funnel.  He had to do this activity standing up =)
He used the little spoon when the sand got stuck in the funnel.  He did it about 8-10 times.  

Finally, both kids revisited the serpentine lines inside their inset drawing. This is the second of the 10 inset presentations where the serpentine's lines are thinner.  See yesterday's post for presentation #1.

Late in the day the whole family got involved in making Big Sister's birthday cake for tomorrow.  I guess this is our practically doing practical life activities.

I started by making arequipe:

Then the kids were in charge of making the cake layers:

Big sister cracking the eggs. No egg shell pieces!

Little guy pouring the flour.


Coating the cake pans

My husband and I worked on adding a special surprised.  Since Big sister is very interested in Dolphin Tale, we wanted to give her a cake with Winter and Hope.  Above my husband was making the prosthetic tail. 
Here is what the cake looks like!  Note: I have never used fondant before. This was a learning experience for us!  We used the dolphin shaped sandwich cutter, and my husband precise hand to add the details.  The edge was and idea I read about on the fondant package. I might not be skilled enough to participate in Cake Boss, but I hope to surprise my big girl tomorrow.

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