Thursday, October 2, 2014

Home learning 10/02/14

The little guy started his day writing.  He asked me to print this small picture of my husband and was eager to write under it.  I started doing dictation style writing.  He tells me what he wants to write, and I write it on the white board.  He already knew:  I love my mom... and now he wanted to write about his dad.  He wrote: "Tom, amo a mi papi.  Mi papi me ama." (Tom, I love my dad. My dad loves me).  I focused on helping him see the end of the word.  He already knew about the need for spaces from hearing his sister, he was super excited to be able to use his finger to separate the words =)  He feels like a big boy now!

Big sister started her day reading on her own. 

I made this little activity to sort whales, dolphins, fish, and sharks.  While sorting the miniatures, We pointed out the gills, the fins, the shape, and named the ones we knew.  The little guy loved it.  He remembered hammerhead shark from the Magic tree house book, and the beluga whale from the aquarium. 

He loved the activity, and repeated it a few times.  When his sister was finished with her journal writing, he showed her how to do it. 

We used the geometric solids and compared them to the blue shape from the insets. He did this work on his own.  He then took the insets and traced a few shapes. 

We read a book about dolphins and whales.  I learned a lot about the different types and their particular diets.  We learned about the odontocetes (toothed whale), and mysticetes (baleen whales).  I gave them all the miniature whales and dolphins, and they kept on matching them to the images in the book.  The book is called: Discovering Whales and Dolphins by Janet Craig.  We read the Spanish version translated by Virginia Barone.

The two kids did listening to reading together. 

In the early afternoon,  we went to the library to return books and look for new ones.  We are starting another author study.  We will be reading Eve Buntings books.  So far I can already recommend The Wedding, and The Baby Shower (my son loves cows!)

Later in the day we met my cousin and his family for some bowling! 

My two kids have bowled maybe three times in their life time.  They seem to love it.  Big sister was trying to teach her brother how to push the ball down the ramp.  The second picture has the big sister and her cousin doing a dance to make the ball hit the pins.  It was adorable!

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