Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Home Learning 10/01/14

We are feeling a little better.  Today we stayed home all day (very unlike me). 

One more fish observation.  They are still coming up with little experiments to draw conclusions based on the fish's behaviors. Today, they wanted to add a home for the little fish.  I love how they are using words like observation, conclusion, behavior, and comparison.  I am rather done with learning about fish, but they still are interested, and we shall continue to observe and record information.  From the pictures above you can tell our little fish likes its new home!  

Today we started working with the geometric solids.  They are part of the Montessori sensorial materials.  I have had this materials for quite a while, and was just waiting for the right time to use it.  I found this tray/drawer and decided it was perfect to introduced them.  Here is the post that inspired me:  What you need is something with edges to allow the shapes to move around.  Having handles turned out to be a plus!

As I was presenting each solid (basically, I just showed them each piece without saying a word) they were able to placed it in the tray and moved it around.  The round pieces moved around, the pieces with flat faces only slid on one side. The little guy was fascinated with the sphere. 

The big sister read the name of each solid from the label cards. They also pointed at the edges and try to count the sides (this was not accurate). 

First they moved the pieces they had experimented with to the edge of the carpet. They placed them on top of the bases, and right above the label cards.  Later, the big sister decided they needed to separate them.  She placed the round shapes on one side (those that moved easily on the tray), and the shapes with several flat faces on the other side (those that only slid).

Both kids really enjoy this introductory activity.  I will add the three part card to reinforce reading, and identification.  I hope to continue to point out other characteristics like edges, sides, corners, etc.   

Big sister wanted to continue practicing cursive writing.  She has been trying to learn it on her own. She was using the sandpaper letters to write three and four letter words.  

The kids continued to use the daily five literacy activities.  When we were reading together we talked about retelling the story we read yesterday.  We made a sequence map of the book Flower Garden by Eve Bunting.  We are still working on it. There was also some work on writing, and listening to reading, but today both kids skipped on working with words. 

In the afternoon, we stepped outside to do some much needed yard work , and to enjoy nature. Fall is here and we already have a ton of leaves to clean up.

Raking around a tree, and bagging leaves together.

Big sister simply loves to gather spiderwebs.  

Some chalk fun.  I drew the boxes and wrote the top letters.  The little guy wrote the letters inside the boxes, and jumped around saying each sound.  Then big sister had to do it too.  It was a great way to burn some energy, and practice sounds. 

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  1. Looks like fun! I wish I had thought of getting a fish.....don't know why I haven't! What good idea! Hmmmmm....maybe I will and we learn about that next! :) Great learning!


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