Wednesday, October 15, 2014


Today my husband stay home.  He is trying to use his last few vacation days before the end of the year.  With the holidays, and our trip coming up early next year, I told him to better spread his last 6 days during October and November.
I needed to go to the doctor in the morning, and it was a relief not having to take the kids with me. They are in good health and I hate  dislike to risk it by bringing them to a doctor's office.

When I got back from seeing the doctor, I tried to get the kids ready for some learning.  But they had other plans.
The little guy and I worked with the 4 cylinder blocks for a short time while his sister read and translated her journal to her dad.

After going to the family open swim, big sister also had a horseback riding lesson.  She had stopped going since the middle of the summer. We are going to try it again since she is still asking for more lessons.  Today she met her new loyal friend: a well mannered and gentle mare named Jazz.

She practiced walking, trotting and serpentines between the cones.  She needs a lot of practice.  Being small makes it easier on the horse but harder on the rider.  She needs to learn to maneuver the reins, and talk to the horse. 

At the end, she got to brush and clean the horse.  She loves this part of the lesson.

picking the horse's hooves. 

She took home a ribbon, and a poster size coloring page,
We all ended up coloring it together!

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