Friday, October 10, 2014

Out and about: 10/10/14

Recently I am guilty of taking too many days off from home learning. The truth is: winter is coming! (I know I said it before)  I feel we will have plenty of chances to stay home, but not that many warm sunny days to go out. Today was one of those few remaining days.   We started our day changing our toy rotation.  We have had the same one for over three weeks.  It was the kids' choice.

In the first pictures the kids are helping me put the old rotation's toy in the storage container.  In the second picture, they were helping me set up the new rotation.  This particular rotation has a lot of horse toys for the big girl including a horse breed puzzle with replicas.  For the little guy, we have out big magnets, some puzzles, and a felt board with felt animals.

Later that morning the kids had their swim lesson, and we stay out for lunch.  We wanted to visit the St. Charles Scarecrow Festival.  We have been going to the festival every year since we moved to this side of Illinois.  This year was one of the best.  Here are some pictures of our favorite displays:

Despicable me

Super heroes, and the very hungry caterpillar

This was my favorite! It is based on the upcoming movie the Book of Life. It was simply gorgeous!

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