Thursday, September 4, 2014

Pick up line :{

Funny: my husband read the post tittle and though a guy was hitting on me!  No!  The pick up line refers to the line of cars waiting to collect their children!

There were at least 20 cars in front of us.  and we were there 10 min. before the bell rang!

While in KY, my best friend was out of town, and I was helping her husband with their two kids.  We had a 2, 3, 4 and 5 year old under one roof! 
My friend is not homeschooling.  Her two kids go to preschool (2yo),  and kindergarten(5yo).
Here is what I discovered in my short experience of having her two children in school:
  • #1 you need to wake them up, and get them ready to go to school even when they are tired.
  • #2 you cannot see them during the time they are at school. We had to go back to the school to drop off the glasses the kindergartner forgot at her house.  We were not allowed to see her.
  • #3 They get home exhausted. 
  • #4 Who knows what they eat? You can't tell even if you pack their food.  They are given an specific amount of time, and if they are not finish, well, too bad.
  • #5 The insanely amount of waiting to drop them off and pick them up!!!!!! After a week I wanted my freedom back. I guess the parents of those who ride the bus at least skip this ordeal.
Having kids in school for that one week just refueled my desire to continue to learn at home! I love that my kids get to wake up when they want.  I enjoy waiting for them outside their Mandarin or swimming classes where they can see me, and I can see them. I treasure their prime time when we learn together, AND I love how we own our time, instead of being dictated by a schedule. 

Also, while my friend's kids were at school, my kids and I were able to visit really awesome places. You can read about those places in the earlier and soon to come posts.  I blogged about our adventures to share with my husband who didn't get to join us. I highly recommend any of our stops. 

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