Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Home learning away from home: Vacation Learning Kentucky

Even away from home, we had our notebooks and materials for home learning... We didn't do it every day, but we didn't forget!
Writing: the little guy and I cut out the map/brochure from the museum and glued it to his notebook.  Then we wrote labels: china, warriors, carousel, etc.  Really all we needed was to keep the map! 

Writing together.  The big girl was writing in her journal about all of our adventures. 

When she was making a picture, she asked her brother for his notebook.  She wanted to see the picture of the warrior to make one just like it!

We visited the library. and read books

We made bread with their friends (we also made cookies!)

The little guy organized this activity on his own.  Sorting cubes in the small containers by color.

Even when we learned everywhere we went, we still wanted to continue practicing their writing, and practical life skills... learning is everywhere... We take it with us!

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