Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Home learning 9/30/14

I am not feeling super productive these past few days.  Maybe it is because I was still unpacking from our little trip on Sunday night. I will also blame my seasonal allergies. Fall is definitely here, and maple leaves are already falling.  For the little guy, I am not sure yet.  He has been with a runny nose and coughing today. We took it super easy this morning.

  He was learning letter P
P: pan, pies, pastelitos, pantalones, piedra, pinguino, pavo. (bread, feet, cupcakes, pants, rock, penguin, turkey).

He matched all the sandpaper letters to the character letters he knows.

He used the little goldfish stickers to trace the letter P, and after touching it several times (and also feeling the sandpaper letter), he got it right on his own.  We started talking about how he can "draw" the letters.  For P, we talked about the line right in front of the letter O.

The big sister had a ton of writing to do on her own.  She had dictated entries the week before but never got the chance to transfer them to her journal.  She was also very excited to finish a picture for her pen pal, and mail him his letter today.

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