Friday, September 19, 2014

Home Learning 9/18/14

We had another fish observation.  What will happen if we add tunnels to the fish tank?

They kids were right! The fish swim through them!

We talked about the fish's bones.  Big sister added a fish skeleton picture to our poster.  She liked learning about the backbone and comparing it to hers, and her brother's.

The little guy got to do the fish practical life activities.  Big sister is not as interested.  She was working on her journal, listening to a book on audio, and reading about fish.

Adding sea shells to the fish mat. 

Transferring work.

Some math because he loves counting!

During his writing practice, he asked me to print a picture of his dad.  He picked this old one were they were all sleeping.  He then dictated and wrote (with help, I did p and s) Mi papi es Tom (My dad is Tom)

We also are reading the books from the Making Meaning kindergarten list.  This one: Cat's Colors by Jane Cabrera is really cute, and is available in Spanish!  We are using it to develop the reading strategy: Making connections (see previous post for the strategy summary, and ideas for application) 

We looked at the pictures and found the miniature animals from the story.  We used this color wheel to placed them according to what the book says.  Example: For black, the cat talks about the night and bats. When talking about green, the cat talks about the cows that eat the grass. Hence the cow is in the green, although, as you well know, cows are not green!

In the afternoon they used tracing paper to trace and color sea life.

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