Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Home Learning 9/16/14

The day in the learning room started with the little guy wanting to write.  He wants to do what his sister is doing.  While she was listening to a book, and writing in her journal, we were learning the letter e:

The letter e beginning sound object box: escoba, espejo (he is holding it), esquimal, envudo, esqueleto, elefante, estrella de mar y escudo.

We moved to the sandpaper letter and to writing on the dry erase board.  He did it on his first try! (the first two are mine).

Then, I had him place stickers on the letter e. This time he used estrellas (stars).  I continue to do this particular exercise for each letter because:
  1. It helps him remember the letter formation.  He starts placing the stickers the same way he would start writing it. 
  2. It gives him a second tactile experience.  Just like with the sandpaper letters, he traces the letters by feeling the stickers while looking, and while closing his eyes.
  3. I just have too many stickers!  These activities are using up the container filled with stickers that I have had for more than 8 years!
  4. He loves it!
  5. When he starts writing the letter bellow, he can go back to retrace it if he forgets it.  His letters are a bit big, but their shapes are absolutely legible. 

Today we also continued to learn about fish.  In our activity, the kids got a chance to observe the fish's behavior.  It was very exciting for them. 
fish eating.

Then, we all decided that it was time to dedicate our small science area to learning about fish.  The two of them cleaned up the horse materials (for later use).  They also helped me look for anything related to fish (see last picture)

They colored a picture of Illinois' state fish, el pez sol, while I read aloud information about it.  I got a book about all the state symbols directly from the Illinois Department of Natural Resources. The big sister wanted to match and use the colors pencils exactly like the printed picture.  In the picture above she is matching the right shade of orange.  The little guy has his own style.  He likes rainbow coloring.

We found this small fish puzzle to help with spelling.  It is too basic for the big sister, but she wanted to give it a try.

Here is our fish board.  We are using one side of the white erase easel to add questions (in red), and record information (green).  They dictated them to me.  We added a few images of the external and internal view of the fish and the corresponding labels.  The kids added their pictures.

Here are our fish items: a puzzle, rubber fish for counting, the small fish puzzle for the little guy to learn how to write pez, some fish in the box, and classifying paper fish.  I am sure we will find many uses for all of it.

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