Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Home Learning 9/09/14

We are back in full speed with exciting learning stages for each of the kids.  The big sister is in a writing frenzy.  If it was up to this tiny author, I will be spelling words for her to write all day long.  She only needs my spelling help in English. In Spanish, she does it on her own.  Since her pen friends are all writing in English, she has been eagerly writing back to them.  Besides letter writing, she is determined to journal daily.  We are a bit behind due to the trip, but she wants to catch up.  She likes to record what she is doing, or the places that she visits.  She also enjoys illustrating her journal, and, most of all, she loves to read it.

Today we had her first dictation"test" to check whether or not she has mastered her high frequency words in Spanish from the first list.  There are 15 words: yo, mi, el, la, es, un, si, no, dia, mama, papa, dijo, veo, puedo, and que.  She correctly spelled them but forgot the accent marks in mama and papa. I need to revisit them while introducing list #2   I want her to recognize this words, and feel comfortable spelling them too.

Journal: She wrote about our trip.  On her writing, she was quick and to the point because, as I said before, she wants to catch up.  But when it came to do the illustration, she was a bit more specific.  For the park visit, she drew herself on the top of the climbing structure.  For the Science Museum, she illustrated the presentation about electricity.  We were shown how electricity travels through a pickle.  Apparently, it made a lasting impression on her  

She did some extra drawings for one of her pen-friends.  Can you see my new closet doors? My husband finished them when we were gone.  They have the white erase marker paint!

The little guy is finally moving past vowels.  Yesterday my husband gave him a lesson on letter m.  He took it very well.  I simply used his previous knowledge to help him move further. I introduced letter u, and with letter m under his belt, he started reading and writing words on his own!

After talking about the letters stories (u is the king, and m is the mother who comes from the mountains) He did a sorting activity with the sound objects with both letters. By now, this is fairly easy for him

He loved: Ursula from the little mermaid story.

Here is his first spelling/ reading activity. He used: the movable alphabet, white little pieces of paper, a control card, and two little trays one with words, and one with pictures.  Since all he knows are letters a,i,o,u, and m, we had the following 6 words: mama, mimo, mima, mami, mamut, muuu (cow's sound)

First we looked at the pictures and sounded them out.  We used the movable alphabet to spell them. 

Then, he looked for the word cards and checked his work with the control card.  He was reading for the very first time! 

Once he was finished putting all the materials away.  He went to his desk to find his work on writing composition book.  I made copies of the image cards for him to cut out.

He then glued them (with my help) and wrote labels!  I helped him sound it out again, but he did most of the writing on his own.  

It was a very productive day!  Besides the activities above, they listened to a book on CD, I read to them both, and I worked with the little guy on left-right, top-bottom of page activities.
After lunch, we went to the library and checked out a whole lot of books. 

By the way, we are reading the books by Laura Joffe Numeroff: If you Give a Mouse a Cookie, If you Give a Mouse a Muffin, If you Give a Pig a Pancake, and If you Give a Cat a Cupcake.  We read the first one and made some awesome connections.  They enjoyed the book, and noticed how they are just like that tiny mouse moving from one thing to another non-stop... I am like the boy who is just exhausted at the end!

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