Friday, September 5, 2014

Fair Oak Farm. Vacation Learning: Indiana

We are always doing horse related outings for the big girl.  But, this time I found an adventure just for the little guy. He loves cows! When I found out about Fair Oaks Farm, and how it was conveniently located on our way back home from our road trip, we had to visit it.  It was an absolutely perfect day.  We share the entire park and amenities with a few senior citizens, and perhaps two other families. 
We saw a cow being born.  I wanted to spare them the details, but they insisted!  They waited and saw it all.

Then, just to be funny (or gross) she decided to pretend to be born, and the little guy was the birthing technician pulling her out of the cow.

We moved to the park other kids in sight.

going inside to wait for the cow adventure bus.  He was yelling at us to hurry up!

cow carousel.  

milking fake cows... this one does not get old.

exploration area with games.  He colored cows.

Already in the cow adventure bus.  I was surprised at how much they enjoyed it. Above: riding through the stables

The milking carousel.  This was amazing! Since they were the only kids in the tour, the tour guide was super nice to them.  She showed them how the cows try to "sneak" back in the line to ride the carousel again. They also were shown how the milk temperature changes from right out of the cow to the milk tanks. It was very hands on.

Back to the park for one more ride in the little train.

Off course we had ice cream, while watching how yogurt was packaged.

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