Wednesday, September 24, 2014

On the road!

While I was arranging and re-arranging our stuff for the trip, the kids decided to do some writing.  Big sister wanted to journal.  The little guy was ready for my favorite part about learning to read and write in Spanish!  He copied, writing on his own: "“Mami me ama. Mami me mima.  Amo a mi mamá” Translation: My mom loves me, my mom cuddles me, I love my mom! Isn't it sweet? He was very excited to write it. The above sentences are also used to learn to write and read in Spanish as they only use the basic 5 vowels and the letter M.

Ready to go! A three day road trip for two little ones, and one mom requires 1 rolling cooler, 1 rolling carry on bag, one fishing bag (it is our lunch box), a banana =), two stuffed animals, and blankets, and a basket with water bottles! 

Since we left early in the morning, we had the chance to stop at Deicke Park.  It is on the way up north.  They got tired and able to take a nap until we arrived.

At the hotel... one more traveling item: blue bag with life vests!

And finally at the pool.  Now the big sister doesn't need the life vest as much.  She actually just wanted to practice and practice her swimming. We are off to a good start!

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