Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Outside learning 9/15/14

Mondays are our out-and-about day. The kids had their Mandarin-Chinese class, and then we all went to meet a friend and her girls at the family open swim.  The kids had a blast, and us moms got to exercise. Why wouldn't you if you have to catch two non-swimming kids in a pool that is too deep for them?  Since I do not exercise any other way, besides chasing around my kids and cleaning the house, this was a great opportunity for me too.
After swimming we stopped at the kid's bank.  It is a Korean tradition (or maybe just my Korean Mother-in-law) to give the kids money every time they see them.  We faithfully take that money and put it in their savings... even if it is just $5!  They get to talk to the bank tellers, put coins in the machine, and the big girl even gets to write her account number on the deposit slip!  The bank has little passport record books that the kids love to hold. Since this bank is super kid friendly, they give us ice cream coupons when we make a deposit....so like the book goes: if you give a mom an ice cream coupon, we had to go and get ice cream. There went my exercise for the day!  I have to say that I didn't order an ice cream for me.  I always count on my kids' left overs!
Since they are super interested regarding the fish unit, we stopped by Sea Escape.  It is an aquatic pet shop. We got to look at the fish, ask questions, and buy some goldfish.

looking at fish.  They even had an octopus!

Looking at the artificial pond.

I love this picture.  He was hugging his sister when she said: "look these are the piranhas."

The kids were rather tired after all that running around.  At home they played with their kindles, and I got to tidy-up the house.  

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